1. What does Robert Walton hope to accomplish on his voyage? Robert Walton wants to travel to the Artic and be the first to set foot on it. Walton is also excited by adventure and new experiences.

2. How did Walton prepare himself for the expedition? He has been preparing himself for six years, gathering information about the Arctic, and training himself physically so that he will be able to endure the harsh climate of the region.

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3. What did Walton read for the first 14 years of his life? For the first 14 years of Walton's life, he reads his uncle Thomas's books of voyages.

4. How old is Robert Walton?

5. Why did the ship’s master decide not to get married? The woman loved someone else. The ship’s master had sacrificed himself, allowing the young woman to marry someone else. He also gave her lover land and money because the man was too poor to win the consent of the woman’s father.

6. How far is the ship from land when Walton sees the gigantic figure in the dogsled? Half a mile away.

7. How does Walton describe his expedition when his new passenger asks about the ship’s destination?

8. How does Walton feel about the man he rescues? He has begun to love the man “like a brother”, but, he says, the man’s “constant and deep grief fills me with sympathy and compassion”

9. Why is the man Walton rescues traveling alone on the ice?

10. How does Walton feeling about hearing his new friend’s story?