Today there is an implausible range of physical activities on offer, from the commercially motivated activities that are enjoyable and challenging, such as indoor rock climbing, to the more traditional exercise types. The challenge for the individual is to find an exercise type that meets their fitness needs and that is enjoyable. Many individual fitness activities are available, some which require specific knowledge and skills.

Raised awareness of health has led to the stimulation of many fitness and recreational activities and the development of new ones to create a variety of ctivities to help improve our fitness skills and understanding. Weight training program can be undertaken at home or at a local gym that has the appropriate equipment and a variety of weights to test for your muscular strength. Programs can be isometric, isotonic or isokinetic. Weight training is a good option for young Adolescents or young Adults who want to improve the specific fitness components of strength and muscular endurance.

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The best gains In fitness are made in isometric training programs using up to six or eight repetitions of exercises, each lasting six seconds to get a good result. Isotonic weight training programs Involves lifting weights through a full range of movement. This type of fitness training requires the use of free weights and can also incorporate weight machines. It can be done at a fitness centre or gym but however It can be done at home if the equipment is available. This Is the traditional type of weight training and the most popular.

Weight training can be used to add muscle bulk, Increase strength, improve power or develop endurance which as essential to our fitness ability as we need strength to maintain our endurance and power. Weight training requires specific skills and knowledge, so it would be beneficial to seek advice on the correct use of equipment, the number of repetitions and sets to be undertaken and the types of exercise for each major muscle group. A weight training program can be considered to meet Individual fitness requirements.