It is highly probable that in an adults work, disagreements with others will occur. In the majority of cases, this is down to a lack of communication or miscommunication. However, these disagreements should be handled very carefully so that the negatively feelings disappear afterwards. Adults can misread or perceive information wrongly and might think someone has communicated something that is the completely the opposite of what they actually were trying to communicate. Blame is often put on others for saying things that can be ambiguous or for having a different view.

Where there are areas of conflict between adults, the situation should be dealt with sensitivity and to try and resolve it as soon as possible. The longer a problem persists for, the more difficult it becomes to repair it. When a disagreement with a child occurs, it is important to not be drawn into the argument and instead, manage the situation carefully and seek out advice is necessary.

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One reason for disagreements occurring is due to poor communication. This can happen due to: -Letters haven’t been passed on by parents/children -A lack of time -Some sort of misunderstanding. The best way to repair areas of poor communication is for them to be discussed to help establish a cause and then to find the next step to take forward. It is important to not ignore the problem, or talk to others about the situation without confronting the individual(s) involved.

Parents and schools may sometimes have different methods of dealing with situations and this can cause strained relationships. The school might request that the children to act/complete things in a different way to what parents might want. It is important for the school to make it clear the meanings behind their requests for why things need to happen differently once the children are in school.

Similarly, adults might not have the same ideas about the purpose of an activity/meeting, or come with a different idea in their own mind. The aims should clarified of what each individuals purpose is and why.

Another reason is if a staff member works with an individual who has considerable home pressures or other issues, it can affect how they communicate with the staff member and others. It is highly likely that external professionals and parents have time pressures, and other pressures which might not be known by the staff member. As relationships develop, it becomes easily to identify uncharacteristic behaviours, therefore being able to offer help, advice or just to listen.

Finally, adults can sometimes act in an aggressive way, especially if they are unsure of what they are doing or lacking in confidence and can come across in a personal way to others. It is vital to remember that this is to do with how they perceive their own self and their own abilities, therefore encouragement and support should be offered.