Euthanasia is a Greek term meaning ‘good death’. It refers to the practice of intentionally ending the life of a person or animal in order to relieve suffering and pain. It is also known as “Mercy Killing”. Some authors define euthanasia as it is a type of suicide. It is the serious ethical as well as political issue in today’s society because it goes against the norms of traditional medicine. Moreover, the religious community has taken a negative stance on the issue of euthanasia. I would like to offer my own personal feelings and opinions on the matter of euthanasia because I actually have many contacts with people who suffer from it. Supporting details with argument:

It is argued that euthanasia is not a good practice because it weakens society's respect for the sanctity of life. All human beings are to be valued, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, social status or their potential for achievement. Human life is sacred because it's a gift from God.

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Financial situations: Euthanasia saves money in medical bills. Due to financial short comings, some patient cannot afford to pay those expensive hospital bills and thus, view mercy-killing as their last resort. Oregon State is the only state who allows euthanasia: The only state that allows the euthanasia with some condition is Oregon State. Reasons that keep the euthanasia illegal: In my opinion, there are some reasons keep the euthanasia illegal which are: * It’s another kind of suicide. * Doctors don’t allow taking someone’s life because it is very valuable. * Euthanasia is as illegal as premeditated murder. No religion accepts euthanasia: Result of the survey confirmed what I said about that there is no religion accepts euthanasia. With 42% disagreeing and 37% strongly disagreeing, the survey showed 79% of the people have a religion who does not agree with euthanasia. Euthanasia is prohibited in Islam:

Islam fin the euthanasia like as a kind of suicide which is something prohibited. Additionally, no one except Allah can take someone's soul and decides when the person should die because Allah who created the universe, including human, the only one who has the right to end it. Euthanasia is a considerable topic in United Kingdom:

United Kingdom is one of the leading countries around the world and has a leading role in world politics, Euthanasia is still illegal there. Some of the benefits of legalizing euthanasia are: * Maintain on the freedom of the person * alleviate the pain and the suffering * keeping the psychological reassurance still available On the other hand, I don’t think that such action shows any kind of freedom because the life is the important thing and the one who create it, the only one who can takes it. Conclusion: How can you say that your life is not worth living anymore? No one but you can decide on this matter. Life and death is a personal decision. Your family, friends, the doctors, and even the government can’t help you decide. Whether it should be illegal or not, I decide to take my time in any problem that I might face in my life because the correct choice does not come direct.