English language is very important nowadays. When I was student in Bulgaria, which is my country, I also studied English, but every time when I had situation to talk with foreign customer in my work I felt humiliate that I am not able to speak fluently. That is why I choose to study English in America. Some people may think that English classes in Bulgaria and English classes in U. S. A. are quite similar. In fact they are only some subjects like in grammar, writing and reading. However, they are quite different in teaching methods, student’s participations in lessons and homework and assignments.

First of all, teaching methods which teachers in America use are totally different from the teaching methods in Bulgaria. While in U. S. teachers use English to teach English in in my country Bulgarian use to teach English. In my opinion this very significant difference part of the English education because using only English allowed students to get deeply in the learning process. Moreover, teachers in America almost always look out for new and interesting ways to stimulate learners. When students enjoy on class actives they learn more .

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For example, some of the “out of the forms” activities are visuals like wall displays, posters, graphic organizers. Also, auditory method which the use likes audiotapes, videos, storytelling, and songs. Another method is physical activities, competitions, board games and role-plays. On the other hand, in my country a lesson is held like lecture, the students just have to listen, and after that they do exercises from the textbook. This example shows us that teaching methods in America are much better in comparison with teaching method in my country.

Second but not less important is students’ participations in class vary as well. In Bulgaria teachers don not involve learners in the lessons and the students usually are shy to ask questions. Conversely, in U. S. lessons are less boring and much more fun. They are like a conversation between students and the teacher. Moreover, students may ask question if they don not understand something. After the lesson work in pairs and small groups, that activities give a feeling of dependence and opportunity discuss opinions and beliefs. In that way students learn from each other and practice their oral skills.

This facts show that learning English in America is much more effective and interesting than in my country. Not only are students’ participation in lesson and teaching method are different but also homework and assignments that teachers give vary. In my country, teachers give such little homework that students cannot catch the essential points of the topic they are studying. Also, we don not have connection with our instructors out of class. In contrast, in U. S. A. teachers give many types of homework, and students may ask question via email if something is not clear.

For instance, some of the types homework are exercises from workbook-grammar and vocabulary, free writing composition, intensive reading and reading novels, listening practices, project work preparing oral presentation, handouts with extra practice and even some classes have on line preparation. Futuremore, learners can use the school lab with additional exercises. These examples show that assignments in American English schools are not like traditional type exercises as in Bulgaria. Another main difference is setting homework. The instructors in America give clear instruction on the board and prepared very well for the assignments.

For example, if they want of us to do particular type writing they will give us model first or handout with the structure how should looks like. For freer work, teachers let students know what will particularly be looking for when they mark our work. If sometimes the students rush off the homework teachers patiently explain how important and serious is our work on the assignments at home. On the other hand, I had never seen similar attitude in my country, unfortunately. Study in class is very important but self-study is not less important and gives more time in class for another activities.

In sum, I prefer American type of homework even though is a lot, but in this way prepare us for future tests and quizzes with less pressure comparison with Bulgarian type homework. In conclusion, English classes in the U. S. A. and English classes in Bulgaria are really different, such as teaching methods, student participation and homework and assignments. I hope, that in the future English teachers in Bulgaria will improve their teaching style and methods, similarly like their colleges in America and the future generation will enjoy learning English in my country.