I. Problem and his Background A. Introduction Computers can affect humans in different ways of which these can be either positive or negative. Positively computers can aid us to conduct easier, faster, less sophisticated and cost effective communication of information round the world. Other than that, information can now be processed with much ease, making it very effective, accurate and timely (Brenner 2008). Negative effects of computer to the student in situation were there tend to put strain on our physical health.

This can affect the eyes, the back and the backbone, the hands even the legs, but this will depend on how the desk is setup and other related factors like how close you may be to the computer screen. Kaveri (2000) states that the increasing amount of time student are spending on computers at home and school has raised questions about how the use of computer technology may make a difference in their lives. When a person use home computers instead of watching television, it is generally viewed as positive; but when children use computers instead of participating in sports and social activities, it raises concerns about the possible effects on their physical and psychological well-being (Elisheva 2000).

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The objective of this study is to determine the different effect of computer to personality of CMI students, good effect of computer, and bad effect of computer to the CMI students. This study will help student to determine the different effect of computer to their personality.

Computer Effect to Personality

Good Effect-Helpful to life. Bad Effect-It can affect attitude and other social hobbits.

B. Conceptual Framework

C. Statement of the Problem What are the common factor that computer affect personality of CMI students? D. Hypothesis This computer factor can affect personality of CMI students. E. Significance of the Study The proposed research can determine the computer factor can affect personality of CMI students. The result of this study will make the CMI-community to be aware on computer effect to personality among the students. F. Scope and Limitations The scopes of this research are the student here in College of Mary Immaculate of any year level and course. The limitations of this research is only those students that are currently enrolled at CMI.

II. Related Literature Most studies and literature on computer effect to personality would point that the factors of computer affecting personality are computer games, learning skills, activities and social networking.