The definition of a sound education can vary between individuals. Some would say a sound education consisted of soley completing compulsory education and others would see it as achieving a higher education. How people succeed in education will vary through individuals. People have different ways of learning and will achieve the best results in their own way of studying. Study skills are approaches applied to learning. (wikipedia 2013) The way in which people learn can be majorly effected throughout life for a number of different reasons such as parenting, their peers, the school in which is attended.

Hoxby's k-12 results 2000 Sacerdote (2001) found results are higher if surrounded by academically strong students. The passion individuals have and the want to succeed in education prove the most important. Students who are most motivated to learn and excel in classroom activities tend to be our highest achievers (A. E. Gottfried, 1990; Schiefele, Krapp, & Winteler, 1992; Walberg & Uguroglu, 1980). There are many different ways of learning. Cottrell (2013) has introduced the C. R. E. A. M strategy. This gives students the guide lines in order to to help themselves achieve the best results they can and they all complement one another.

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Therefore once a certain skill is mastered it will help strengthen the rest. Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a sound education however there are many other factors to concider in the learning process. However the more you study and the harder you work the better chance you have of achieving a sound education. Sent from my iPad Burns et al (2000) suggests that the student needs to combine and integrate different elements in order to learn This can include ones own ability to focus and self motivate in order to complete the task in hand.