The quick service (aka, fast food) restaurant industry is significant and growing aspect of the overall restaurant industry. For long-term success quick service restaurants must be perceived as offering sufficient value for consumers. To do this, restaurants must first determine what consumers’ value in a quick service restaurant experience. As such, this research study explores consumers’ service quality preferences in the quick service restaurant industry.

Results of this research highlight critical factors which help to determine the expectations that consumers have about the quick service restaurant industry and their perceptions of service quality from a dining experience. Based upon university students’ quick service experiences the results found in this study indicated that consumers are highly price sensitive, but also place high importance on speed of service, location, quality of food, and cleanliness.

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A discussion is provided for how these results can be used to develop effective marketing strategies for quick service restaurants. Keywords: Consumer Perceptions, Fast Food, Quick Service Restaurants Acknowledgement This Hospitality Research Thesis Writing was made possible by the guidance, cooperation and participation of the almighty God who always looks up and secures the safety of preparers in doing this project.

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This may help teach learners the basics of setting of a business and earnings modest profits through self help in area of quality service management. We believed in youth’s ability to make things happen. What we conceive in their brilliants mind can be achieved. With the appropriate knowledge and skills, coupled with the attitude to make difference, success will never be far behind. This study was made specifically to arm youth and other businesses mind person with the basic skills and knowledge to help them to face and to solve their own problems in terms of business.