As an Aboriginal and a recovering drug addict this is my point of view on this addiction with drugs. Drugs can cost you everything such as the trust and respect of loved ones, to some crime committing such as theft and breaking and entering. There are a lot of reasons why people turned to drugs today, some are ashamed of the pain and trying to bottled up from sexual and physical abuse, some doing it out of boredom and they are curious about drugs, and others do drugs because, of peer pressure.

But most of all drugs can cost you your life. Losing the trust and respect from a loved one especially your parent is the hardest to deal with because, the trust and respect you have to earn it back and that is the hardest to do when your family doesn’t believe you. Especially when you tell them that you are going to changed your life around. Especially since you have told them so many lies and made a lot of broken promises, just to get your way, or get the money you need for the drugs.

Believe it’s painful for a parent to watch their own child poison themselves with all the chemicals that are found in drugs today, and have your own child look at you right in the face and say they do not have a problem or refuse to seek the help they need. The reason why I know all this is because, that same person was me nine and a half months, and I have done the same thing to my mother and loved ones in my life. All I did was push and push them away with all the lies that I’ve told them just so I would be able to get my next fixed, or scored enough money for my habit.

Throughout the years I’ve watched my mother suffer from pain and stress that I was causing. She also did a lot of worrying and praying for me to get better and healthy again. I can honestly say that I’m not the only one who has done this to their parents, put through a lot of pain just so you have your drugs, and didn’t care for the ones you hurt. Even to get the money you need for your addiction, which is when you turn to crimes. When you are the lowest point in your habit, there are times when the only solution you can think of to support your addiction, or get the money you need.

That is by committing the crimes, such as theft, and breaking and entering into people’s homes or into their vehicles and then selling the items just to make enough and end up doing it every day, just to have that ten to fifteen minute high. The reason why for this to happen is because drugs are addictive, and most people well goes to any length to get their drugs. As for myself, I would go to any length just to get my next high, because there were times where I’d be stealing items every day.

Living in Regina, I was bad for shoplifting from stores like, Superstore, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Co-op stores, Giant Tiger, Dollar stores, and of course liquor stores. All the money that was made would go straight to drugs for me and my partner at that time. The only thing is I do not remember ever breaking into people’s homes or into their vehicles either. The main reason why people turn to drugs is because of the emotional pain they bottle in from sexual and physical abuse. Sexual abuse and physical abuse can happen to anyone, most times when it happens it usually occurs in the child years or in the teen’s years as well.

People do not ask for the sexual abuse to happen and when it does they live with the guilt and being ashamed throughout the years, most do not know how to deal with the pain they usually turn to alcohol and drugs, to escape from reality and to escape from the pain they have suffer as well. Physical abuse usually happens is a trouble thing to go through as well. Can happen when you u grow up in a domestic home, or your partner is very abusive, either way u still suffer the pain of physical abuse.

Some people bottle up their pain, some turn to counseling, and others turn to drugs. Unfortunately as for myself, in my life time I have experience both sexual and physical abuse as well, and I tell you it’s not a pleasant experience to go through either. But of course I didn’t seek help I just bottled everything up and turn to drugs to escape the guilt and ashamed, and as well I wanted to escape and I thought I’ve found it in drugs. But drugs only made my pain worst, the drugs only numbed the pain for fifteen minutes and then I was back into the real world.

Another reason people do drugs it is because of boredom and being curious about drugs, and don’t get me wrong but being curious about drugs it’s a bad thing well I don’t think anyways. The reason why I think so that anyways is because, being curious about something is kind of a good way to experience something, but not to take it to far and become addicted like I have. On the other hand doing something out of boredom is not always a good sign as well because, boredom can lead to a lot trouble, and usually that’s were most drug habits start from, especially if you have a lot of friends that peer pressure you.