Drug abuse is now surprisingly a major social problem that has sprouted out and is greatly harming our economy. Drug abuse in my own opinion is when drugs are not taken at the right time or in correct proportions. However, one can only limit drug abuse to taking hard drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, marijuana, etc. This is the kind of drug abuse that has a huge influence on the youth of today. Nowadays, many youth in schools tend to practice drug abuse. Of course it has its causes, effects and measures to reduce it. Chiefly, drug abuse is caused by peer pressure.

If one is among a bad peer group who do drugs, he or she is most likely to partake in the act as well. Even if it is only one person among them who does drugs, the rest have a high tendency to follow his or her example. As we all know one bad nut spoils the rest. Also, youth in schools tend to do drugs as a result of stress. Usually, when students are stressed out, and have no one or no where to, they begin to take drugs as their friends. They think the drugs have a good effect on them when in fact they do them harm. They get addicted to the drugs and by the time they realize it, it’s too late to do anything. I would like to take due advantage of this opportunity and my leadership status as the assistant class prefect to hand out some measures that can arrest the upsurge of drug abuse as a social problem in schools. Firstly, I would like to mention that children should not follow bad peer groups, as these groups only pressurize them into also practicing such ruthless acts. I shall not forget to mention that children who are usually stressed out should not take or adhere to taking drugs as their solutions but rather should turn to responsible adults and ask for advice or better still take a lot of rest if it calls for it.

As I have suggested measures to arrest drug abuse in schools, I hope that my suggestions will be taken into consideration for I believe that by doing so, drug abuse would be barely heard of among the youth in schools. Having experienced many cases of drug abuse in schools and seeing its effects, I would not want anyone to be in that situation. Even though conquering drug abuse is classified as a tough cookie in my sight and in the sight of others, I tell you that every tough cookie can be handled because with patience one can move mountains.