The school have a wide range of subjects from maths to geography. All of these require the students to learn, memorise, and understand and to be tested. In addition, people might not see it but school builds you like a citizen and most important helps you to develop your character and personality. So, indeed school prepare you for life. Firstly, school teach us self-discipline. This is achieved by the need to fulfil the required timetables and schedule of homework, exams, essays, even so arriving punctual to school.

What’s more we learn how to manage time wisely, although students always leave the things to the day before or even the same day. Also we learn to abide by and respect the rules and regulations of the school. Although we mostly don’t apply to these ones, that is the real objective behind those. So depending how you were at school, you will be at adult life in matter of responsibility and punctuality. Secondly, preparatory helps us to persevere and to be determined. This is because of the stress and pressure; we deal every time due to deadlines of every task given us by the teachers.

So with this manage of pressure and stress, we fortify our character to be stronger and well-prepared in the different challenge which will face at work and all our life. Another important learning is the one we get from extracurricular activities, mostly common sport but also the others which are offer such as glee club, drama club, debate club, or even ballet, you never know. But what is important of them is that we get a lot from them, that you won’t get from anywhere else.

First all, from here we can build our personality; we might discover things that we can turn into our career, or a hobby or only an experience of life. Secondly, we get values from a very young age and that will be valuable from the rest of your life. Where else you will get teamwork, loyalty to your team, commitment, responsibility, to give always your best effort as children if is not from an extracurricular activity. And what I think the most important instruction I’ve been given is the one of tolerance, acceptance and understanding.

In school and everywhere else in your life you will find people with different background, religion and race and no matter what you must not forget they are a human like you and you have to accept that other ones won’t believe in the same things like you, won’t be the same colour of you and their parents might have had better or worse opportunities than your parents. And of course you will find bad persons but they can be the same or different like you, so you can’t judge anybody. You only have to understand that they are different but all in all they might be deep inside the same like you.

To sum up, school does prepare us for life. It builds up your personality and character to prepare for life. School also gives you the values require to be a good contribution for your country and the people you love, and to be able to fit in the society. However, it would be good if the school gives the basic information you need to start your own life, for example tips to buy a house, insurances, to make a curriculum, to pay taxes, and others good things to know before you start with your life, instead of discovering by ourselves.