Role models whether they are figures of high authority, parents, siblings or even peers can have either positive or negative impact on one’s life. There is some point in life when every child desires to live up to the standards set upon by their role models. In the conquest to be more like one’s role model, we strive to outline our better qualities, we acknowledge our flaws and try to conceal them or we may even lose parts of ourselves in the course of trying to be someone we are not.

Role models have an impact on one’s life as it can motivate one to be a better individual, cause one to lose one’s identity and it can have a negative influence on one’s character. Point 1: Role models entice a person to work towards his or her goals. The role models here have provided people with a glimpse of their vision and by doing so, people are able to recognize, comprehend and relate to their role figure. Seeing their role models successfully confronting hardships will motivate people to endure difficulties and crises.

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In fact, role models can embed the quote, “If I can do it, so can you” in one’s life. The life experiences of one’s role model will teach and educate us in the lessons of life which cannot be found anywhere else. Gandhi made a difference by liberating India. He believed in independence and the freedom of speech. His beliefs were not shattered despite being subjected to numerous obstacles like being thrown into jail. He now serves as an inspiration to the liberal minded who are not afraid to stand up for their rights.

Conclusion: Role models can either benefit a person by serving as a source of inspiration or cause detrimental effects to a person. We can never adequately express the influence role models have on one’s life but what must be highlighted is that role models should always be positive ones. We need role models that remind us of what being a human means those who can prepare us to take the world by storm, in a positive way that is. Complete in argument.