For many years the United States has changed a lot pertaining to womens right. Women have more rights then they did in the past. Although some don’t think there has been enough changes I can see many coming within the years to come and woman will be just as equal as mean all across the board. So what has been the status of women in the United States throughout history? The status throughtout the United States has indeed grown tremendously. Back in the day women did not have as many rights as they do now. This includes even withholding a good paying job, some women today may be just as much knowledgable as most men but still are underpayed.

Women did not even have the right to vote under any circumstances. What is the status of women in the U. S. today? Woman have had many successful challengs that lead them to advance quite a bit in todays society. This is a big change compared to over 50 years ago when none of this made a difference in society. However I do think discrimination still exists reason I say this is because there are some job that does not allow women to take and if women do get to withhold postions that are the same as men they tend to take it for less pay which I feel is very unfair.

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If a woman have the time to take on a career and work hard at achieving this career they should very well have the same fair pay as the opposite sex withholding the job. What are some examples of concepts or constructions of masculinity and femininity that you see in society and in media? This is a way that men and women see their selves as masculinity which would refer them as a male or femininity which would be a female. Which ever one choose will related to them being a male or a female.

Although mostly females refer to theirselves as being feminine some males refer to themselves as such as well this is when they consider their selve as having female characterstics but have a male body frame. this is something that one can think they should be considered as a female but not. This is where the real role of a female takes place I feel what ever you are born this is what god has destined for you to be and you should go without this role throughtout life time no matter what life throws at you.

Historically, what has been the social status of GLBT people? The social status of Gay, Lesbian, Biosexual, and transgender people have been very biased. People of this group usually get singled out and most people feel offended being around them and they tend to get mistreated differently. Having to be attracted to the same sex seem to be something that has been going on for quite some time. it does not seem to have an ending to it. Im not saying I am against it nor with it I feel that everyone should have the right to be happy about many things in life.

No matter what the circumstance should be everyone deserve to be happy by all means. Everywhere you go no matter what city or state you come across one of a sex attracked to the same sex there is nothing against that so its just something one will have to get use to seeing when ever it comes unexpectedly. What is the status of GLBT people in the U. S. today? Now days not many people go out their way stating that they disagree with same sex relationships. Their have even been some married.

Although when you think about it may have you sick to your stomached knowing that someone you grew up with and around may be attracted to the same sex may disturb you. I know that I was once in school with a guy that we later found out was attracted to the same sex. We all kind of had the feeling he would be, however at that time he denied it all. Even though I knew and had the idea he would be interested in other guys I never turned my back on him as long as I knew that he would not try to come at me in any way and disrespect me.

What are some social and political issues relevant to women and GLBT people in the U. S.? There have been many issues pertaining to GLBT for many many centuries. However since then there has been many that has adapted to the ones that have chose to go with the same sex to keep them happy and motivated throughout life here in the United States. Many people do not agree with this but as far as the United States as a whole they have adapted to the change and have gotten use to seeing and knowing about it.