It all started when I heard that my both my parents have already decided to separate. They are now both getting ready for divorce beginning October 2008. My burden was added when my mother told me she is ill and should have a surgery on her Thyroid Gland.

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This led me to my difficult times with regards to my academics this semester. I was so confused, depressed and discouraged thinking of what will happen to my future with my parents especially now that they have decided to divorce.

Because of my ill feelings of discouragement and confusion I could not concentrate on anything like my academics, I also have sleepless nights just thinking of those things too much. The problems I had just gave my transient sickness like headaches and stomachaches which also affected my performance at school.

I told my mother I want to go back to home but she advised me to finish first the semester and that I should not worry about our family’s condition. I followed my mother’s advice and I really tried to concentrate and study hard at school but I could not afford to just don’t mind the things that are happening in my family, that in return; it really stressed me out.

2. What strategies did you use to resolve the problem before making this request?

To resolve the problem that I have, I went to visit my professor to get help but he told me that if it just added to my stress and difficulty then I should drop the course. I would like to drop this course at that time, but I can not drop it because I will have less than 12 credits of classes. With that I have to keep more than 12 credits as I am an international student.

Also, I would like to join the study group together with my classmates but the things is I do not have any friend in my class and I am so shy to ask them about it for surely they won’t like me to be in their group for I already assumed that they wont like to study with me because I am not good and my English is not that fluent like theirs.

I really communicated to those people that I think could help me because through communication I could voice out my needs and then people will understand what I went through which great affected my academic performance.

3. What are you doing now to improve your academic success?

In order to improve my academic performance I really tried hard to forget about the difficult situation I had about my family as well I really need to study hard. I contacted my adviser and asked some advices or words of wisdom about my academic problem.

Also, I try to exercise these days because it makes me release stress and some depressions that I have. It also helps me divert my attention from being too focused on my problems but rather concentrate on my goal and that is to achieve something academically. To show and prove to them that I have already surpassed the hard days of my life and now I am moving on to a brighter future.