Human rights refer to the fundamental rights to life, the pursuit of happiness and the liberty of life. Thus this refers to the complete freedom one expects from their governments and the authorities that protect them from their daily lives. The human rights are considered the individual possessions and are the best for any individual in the whole world. The human rights should not be confused with democracy which is defined as a government by the people whereby the supreme power is vested in them, ie the same people and is used by the people or the interchangeably by their agents directly under the electoral systems.

Thus, democracy needs to be tied together with the human rights and not the opposite. There is the concept of democratisation which refers to the express way in which there is a clear way and the direction of changes as the political movements way of changing things which can be used in any given system not only for the worst managed system but the good ones too. Again there is the concept of democracy and these refers to the uncontested, theories of democracy which may involve contested claims about the value of democracy and how this is realized in a good and properly managed institution atmosphere.

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Democracy has past through a lot of the bad and the good sides. It has led to many shading their blood in the name of helping them achieve a world full of the democratically Free State and countries. Citizens of any country worldwide need to enjoy the freedom of expression together with a free and democratic society. The rights for any individual need not be tempered with because the individuals need these rights in order to be free from any wrong doing and engage in any activity that requires them to be free and just.

In order for these individuals to be free, there need to be the freedom of expression and the speech in all manner of ways and the states. These rights needs to be widespread to other areas and helps the majority of the people to get to understand and make their impacts known. People when they are born, they have the rights to associations and the rights to play study and change the world through their activities that are conducive to the society and may not make them wanted for law breaking purposes. Individuals in any society may be free when their government are not free.

This is because the individuals may have a right to play but their own government does not have a right to play within its laws or rather the constitutions. This then affects the individual’s rights and freedom of expression as noted by (Teeple 2004) Effects of Citizens on Human rights The citizens of the any particular country may have their individual’s effects on the human rights situations in their own country. This they do out of their ignorance and sometimes the bad behaviour associated with affecting others right and their free will.

This in turn does not help them either but is a conversant way of ensuring that the democracy in any nation is upheld and is the best in the whole world. The United States constitution does not give the freedom of religion or the freedom of the press. It thus does not want the congress to be found passing the laws interfering with the freedom religion, speech and the peaceful assembly. Thus the people of the United States are free to be associated with any church and also free to the press but its not one of their fundamental laws associated with their citizens.

This explains why the individuals may be free but their state or country may not. This one example of the free people and not free country is justified. Citizens of the democratic society live through the lives with the hope that, if they speak the truth, democracy is achieved through by all means. They believe that if only the truth is told, then they will have achieved their democratic gains and made significant steps ahead. Politicians and Human rights The human rights laws are mostly affected by the politicians who come with there usual style and destruct the human rights policy.

This is indeed the point of the matter at hand. Human rights abuses are so much caused by the majority of the people who are subject to the rules of the company. The politicians are the first to undergo the human rights abuses. An example for this is the recent arrest of Charles Taylor a strong and worst leader of the recent times. He was involved in the formulation of the basic bad laws and was also a politician who helped bring the human rights work in the republic of the Liberia go to the dogs.

This is one person who has extended the rule of the and examples of the human rights rules and principles. Charles Taylor is still the person who killed many people and caused the majority of the people of the republic of Liberia to wage war on one another. He is said to have masterminded the execution of the majority of the Citizens and the outright killing of the majority of the people. He is said to have been the chief financier of the all the massacre of the largest provinces in the republic of Liberia.

This has made him to booked for the cases of human rights abuse and he is likely to be jailed after that. Another example is then the genocide in the Rwanda republic, here millions of citizens were taken and killed for no reason at all. They were said to have been taken through the toughest and most brutal execution to ever have happen in the republic of the Rwanda. These people are said to have been cut with hoes and some beheaded while their families watched in despair and had no option but to watch as their only remaining parents were being killed.

This happen in a span of so few years and many of the people were massacred. Many of the people are still not recovered but have undergone their eventual counselling in order to fully recover and be back to construction of their own beloved country. There has been genocide from major African societies among the African communities. These genocides are manifested by the very politicians who are elected by the people and are made answerable to them. But the politicians have achieved nothing from doing nothing to the society and this has labelled them as affecting the human rights worldwide.

These issues and the actual killing of the innocent people like the example of the recent Kenyan political crisis that left many people killed, maimed and some beheaded in the name of ethnic cleasing. This was said to have been funded by the very same politicians who are seeking the blessings of their people again in order to help them grow politically. Another example still comes from the Zimbabwe country which has seen most of its resources blatantly used by the one Robert Mugabe the president who has served as the president for the last 24 years.

This president has refused to give the young generation hand in the country to enable them rule. This is witnessed by the blatant use of the public resources during the campaigns an still up to this moment; the elections results are not yet announced. These are a show of the abuse of the human rights because the people on the ground have been believed to have voted for the opposition candidate Mr Morgan. Military and the Human rights The United Nations has a full unit of the human rights which encompasses the universal declaration of the Human rights.

The international lawyers consider all the universal declaration as having all the traditional universal law establishing a common basis on which to judge the nations basing on their abuse of the human rights. The greater international community has started to exert pressure on the articulating these norms and codifying the principles of the human rights. The military have been used severally for the abuses of the human rights by the whole countries in the whole world.

This has many examples such as the United States that used it military power to unjustly kill and maim the peaceful citizens of Iraq republic. The United States military have been given orders to kill in Iraq and this they have done with due order from above. This is one example of the human rights abuse and has been infringing on the well being of the citizens of the Iraq regime. The police in the Kenyan situation were ordered to kill any innocent citizens who were on the opposing side of the current government found on the streets of the major towns in Kenya situation.

This again is the violations of the human rights on the Kenya citizens of the opposing side of the political of supremacy. Market economy and the democracy Market affects democracy in many ways that anybody will ever know. Democracy is hard to be felt in a market situation where the market is an independent state. Thus if the market is an independent state, it will not overlook the democratic gains made earlier on. This because the market is the people who come together for the good of the buying and selling things within an area or location.

Democracy controls the market through the following ways; it may help in establishing the good electoral system, creates public options and creates the organized pressure that may be needed for the systematic help that is required whenever we have any pressure issue amid any democratically elected government. Therefore the government must in control of the movements of the people and the goods. The market removes the central role from the politicians to the public and these helps in the management of the democratically elected people and the good of the people.

This has helped shape the democracy and built good alliances among the whole people in the country. If the market is free, it accelerates the economic and social status of every individual work and the sustains the economic outlook of the individuals and the country. This free market scenario is expanded the good democraticy and made available what was not initially available. Market differences undermine the principles of the democratic policies and are hard for the economic and the political choices.

The individualised decisions are prioritised over the collective decisions. The effective government helps justify and protect the liberties of every individual. It also widens the facets of the good democracy and opens ways in which the democracy can grow and hence foster good economic reforms that may help the government to realize the fruits economic unity as noted by Farmers (2003). Under the conclusion of the liberalism, if the state owns and controls property, it may deny the same property to the individuals and make them look like the bad people while they are not.

It may also deny the citizens the opportunity to their livelihood and the freedom of expression which may be a big problem in the long run to entire cohort of the citizens. Again the socialised property may deny the citizens their property and the nature of the being. This may again deny them the right to associate and the right to freedom of assembly. The market belongs to the civil society but we should whenever defining the democratic rules and the democracy, we should not exclude the term civil society from the market situation.

Market economy also affects the democracy through it be taken in most cases as an activity which is private. This makes the growth of the market be solely answerable to the government of the day and this prohibits the democratic space available for the growth of the democratic values. So, again, the market serves as a state for the electoral contest and this advances the democratic gains way ahead of the other gains. Thus market freedoms and the political freedoms are mutually supportive of one another and this helps the market and the whole majority of the people appreciate good democracy.

The rules of the laws as applies to any other regions, it may also be used in the markets and the democratic ways. Thus all markets should have the rules and all the democratic values should too have the rules that govern them through the electoral process. The sovereignty of the all consumers and the voters lie in the rules that govern the whole markets and the democracy worldwide. The market economy is necessarily for long term growth and this is a good move because it helps mend the many fences against the democracy. Liberalism and the democracy

Liberalism has the foundations and a very significant constraint upon the democracy of the whole world today. Liberty should be one thing with the democracy. Their relationships should be the one with the mutual necessity and the source of the tension. Classical liberalism has proved to be quite indispensable to the maintenance of the democracy at the national level. But though liberalism is a constraint to democracy, it has been historically possible for the liberals to provide for the necessarily and the constrain of the democratic process.

Liberalism and the democracy thus, do not help much but it serves us the effective tool to evaluate the prospective work of the democratic process and the young democratic values of any given country. Though not all individual’s rights are the democratic rights. The rights of the individual’s citizen’s to meet regularly and collectively in order to exercise their own rights of associations. Democratic rights are the individual’s rights which are necessary to get the secure and the popular control of the whole process.

The liberal democracy has been through the successive struggles between itself and the various types of the democracies the world over. The extend of this and its form has been a point of debate for the variety of the liberalists and the demacrats. Therefore democracy has been derailed mostly in effect to the larger women folk. The women who have complained of the exclusion from the citizenship have argued that, the grounds under which that took effect are not as viable and have led to disunity in the family situations and made life hard for the whole family.

The liberalist thought that the ability to have any property makes you a citizens and nothing else. But in a spirited move, the democrats disputed that fact and opted for registration and the outright naturalisation. The capacity for individuals to have the responsibilities to make decisions about ones own plan of life were made basing on the fact that, all adults are equal and they have their rights the same way through. Over the years, there have been struggles between the liberalists and the democrats that have not reached any conclusive measures.

But the one thing that comes out of this struggle is the extension of the suffrage and the kind of the social agenda that has been politically controlled over the years. There the socialists and the social democracy which argues against the wealth management can influence access to the political resources and make this life harder for those people who politicise and lastly, it prevents their access to the public decision making which in turn is refusing to give them the right to freedom of the assembly.

Women have also again argued for the labour divisions as not good for the family growth. This has hampered the family equality and changed the whole imaginations of people and the decisions making process. Whereas the liberalists have given us a very well calculated assumption, they haven’t justified it and this remains as one of the biggest and greatest challenge of these time.


The violation of the human rights situations is widespread and is moving from the industrialised countries down those the developing countries. This has an aspect of reducing the rights of any free individuals in the whole world. The situation as it is currently, whereby there individuals with massive human rights cases on their heads should be either be prosecuted and arraigned in courts and taken to prisons. Again democracy does in no mean way support the human rights which are fundamental for the well being of any society.