(1) Cell phone is an electronic portable device which is used for voice and various data transmission, including text and multi media messages, Internet, PC synchronization, etc. Nowadays, cell phones can provide people with communication services of the second and third generations, available in a number of communication standards in different countries of the world. In order to send and receive the signals, a cell phone must be connected to a network via transmitters (base stations), which are in turn connected to public switching centers.

Cell phones can run in different frequency bands, for example, 900 MHz or 1,800 MHz. They are produced by several manufacturers, including such companies as Nokia, Sony Eriksson, Motorola, Samsung and many others. In our modern society a cell phone is not only a communication medium, but also a special accessory, which can give a clue about personal tastes and financial situation of its owner.

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(2) Vacations can be classified according to their purpose as vacations for rest, vacations for recreation and vacations for travel. The first type of vacations is used to satisfy the needs for rest and relaxation. The examples of this kind of vacations include spending time at home or in other home-like environment. The second type of vacations is used for recovery and recreation. The examples of such vacations include spending time in a hospital, rest home or other recreation establishment. The third type of vacations is used for visiting another countries or lands.

The examples of such kind of vacations include going to the Caribbean, to Europe or to any other place. Besides, vacations can be classified according to their timing as planned and non-planned vacations. The first type is vacations which are stipulated beforehand, like regular annual vacations or maternity leave. The second type is vacations which are not stipulated beforehand, for example, the vacations connected with some production failures, strikes or natural disasters, etc.