Smoking marijuana may be excused by some as just a harmless pas time by teenagers and some adults who are unknowingly hooked on the illicit habit. Many even just say that the habit is not damaging to them since they are just recreational or social users, and the frequency by which they consume the drug is far below what they call addictive levels. But little do they know that they are slowly poisoning themselves, a form of slow suicide of you will allow the term.

They do not know that when they pick up the habit, they are slowly sending themselves to the grave. Marijuana has been in use since the old ages in the history of man (Darryl Inaba, William Cohen, 2009). The plant variety which marijuana belongs has been used to craft rope and implements for ships, and even medicinal purposes in the past (Inaba, Chen, 2009).

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But in recent times, the plant has been used as an avenue for addiction in among the youth in society (Inaba, Chen, 2009). Some argue that the plant has some medicinal properties to treat certain kinds of illnesses (Inaba, Chen, 2009). But according to research, the main argument against the medical use of marijuana is that it exacerbated the very illness that it was supposed to treat (Berkman Center for Internet and Society-Harvard University, 2009).

If an individual smokes just one “joint” a day, it will result in damage to the bronchial passages in the body (Berkman, 2009). If the person already suffers from an impaired immune system, then he/she will be more prone to incur fatal respiratory infections, which is dangerous to people if they acquire the AIDS virus (Berkman, 2009). If the individual persists with the habit even with an incremental increase in the usage, then they will be prone to other ailments (Berkman, 2009).