Damage of the environment is an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard of living. To what extent do you agree or disagree? From my point’s view, I’m truly agreed with this statement. The continual improvements of our living today have an impact on the environment, this consequence is seen throughout the world. In order to make our lives better the continue development it would have inevitable effect on the environment as well as welfare on us.

For example improvement of sciences and technology to fulfill our needs, development stage in industry, rapidly increasing of motor vehicles, manufacturing products due to our consuming all these activities of improvements of our living today have an impact on the environment. Nowadays, we live technology age. We are living the development stage in technology and sciences. In the last century, scientists discovered so many helpful precise inventions which caused a huge turn in our daily life.

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One of which, is the mobile phone and all other recent technological gadgets. Although rising incomes, science, and technology have had a generally positive influence on our life, they also threaten the ecosystem. I will look at how the development of technology and use of energy are harming our planet. Let’s take for instance the revolutionary new forms in the mobile phones, these require development of the new methods. To produce such phones the engineers have to think days, month or even years and they will have to use electricity to run the computers, lights.

At the same time the power generating stations will have to supply them with more power and so more emissions into the air will be released. Besides, manufacturing of products due to our consuming also harm to our environment, we know when there are more manufacturing, more pollution will occurs and more waste for the landfill. For instance, after we drink the milk or coke we throw the bottles away without reused it and take it to recycle. Unfortunately, we throw much more away and have become a very disposable society. Think of how much ink alone is used to market these roducts.

How much packaging and how many containers are being manufactured and then thrown away. The items also need to be shipped long distances by tractor trailers. All people like the convenience, we don't want to buy food or things in refillable containers. We see this ignorance clear in the huge use of the plastic packaging. When we go to shopping, we return home carrying so many plastic backs, in spite of their undesirable effect on the green . They are undegradable , they do not undergo biological degradation and stay for a long time as they are and cause pollution.

In addition, there are many evidences about ecological problems which are connected with people’s willing to live better. Let us take for example the fact that nowadays many people prefer to use their own cars as difference to public transport, this lead to the increasing of motor vehicles in the world. Poisonous chemical and gases released into the air by cars causes serious air pollution. As a result, many cites have air pollution and there is no doubt that person suffer from it. Did you know how much air pollution does an average motor vehicle emit?

According to the research, the average Vermont driver puts 17,000 miles a year on his/her car. This equals 935 pounds of carbon monoxide, 13,600 pounds of carbon dioxide, 114 pounds of hydrocarbons, and 68 pounds of nitrogen oxides emitted every year. That’s nearly 7. 5 tons of air pollution each year, from just one vehicle! That why motor vehicles has been identified as the largest contributor to air pollution in the world. Furthermore, development stage in industry also have an impact on the environment.

The purpose of industrial development of any region is to provide opportunities of better living and employment to the people. While industrial development almost inevitably creates more employment in the region, the possibilities of adverse effects on the environment also increased if these bad effects are not properly contained or reduced to minimum. Thus there occurs a situation in which the material goods increase but the quality of life deteriorates. Industrial cities like Beijing, we can notice the air pollution with our naked eye due to factory’s fumes and industrial wastes.

They form smog on the horizon hanging over the city. With the industrial burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas for energy, they release Carbon Dioxide(CO2) which causes global warming, disruption in the ozone layer and acid rain that destroys plant and animal life. In conclusion, taking everything that has been mentioned above into consideration, it is a undeniable truth that even though new era’s technology and science have made human life much easier, but the environment has lost its live-hood because of it.

In order to fulfill our needs in living, the damage on the environment will be continue until we find the new way of making our living better in terms of free of pollution environment. In my opinion, although we cannot end up all the impact on environment, however we can put some effort to reduce it to the minimum. For instance we should use bicycles instead of cars. We no need to have a car for each member of the family, we can take public transport to the school and works. We should recycle our rubbish to reduce solid waste and pollution. I believe that if everyone takes part in this, we will help to discourage the environment crisis.