Not only am I pursuing a Cybersecurity degree from the University of Maryland University College, but I am planning on making a lifetime career in this particular field, which means I am taking every opportunity possible to learn as much as I can about this career field, and frankly do so with serious passion and dedication. Cybersecurity is one of the few blossoming fields within the U. S. and abroad now in days with all of the new technological advances being made every single day as well as the newly constructed, successful Cybersecurity companies.

Every company that wants to protect their classified information hires a Cybersecurity team to keep that information safe and out of the hands of people that could do wrong with that information; even the U. S. government has a massive Cybersecurity program as part of our National Defense to hide our secret information from being seen by other nations that could use it against us. Therefore, for all of the reasons stated above, Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful all across the country, even around the world, despite this disaster of an economy.

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Not only are the jobs plentiful, but Cybersecurity jobs for women are particularly in demand, considering that there are few women compared to men in the Cybersecurity business. Men and women alike, computer skills are obviously required, as well as exceptional people skills because within this business, if you do not communicate properly and efficiently, then progress will not be made and you will ultimately fail at your job, and possibly put other people’s jobs at risk.

In addition, everyone that works within the Cybersecurity field has extensive knowledge in math and science as their strengths. Generally, everyone looking for a job within the Cybersecurity field has to possess a Cybersecurity degree, or some sort of degree involving computer science, programming, and/or engineering. The pros for entering this particular field are that, as a Cybersecurity orker, you take part in catching and incriminating wrong doings and/or criminal activity by other countries, companies, individuals, and/or organizations via Web. In addition, the salary is on the higher side for Cyber workers. For example, the starting salary is around $60,000, or could be even higher depending on who you are working for (such as a smaller company, a larger company, the government, etc. ).

Another pro is that in this field, there is a lot of human interaction, and therefore you build relationships with people that enhance your quality of life. There aren’t too many cons, other than sometimes having to travel, which could either be considered to be an inconvenience or a pleasurable task, depending on your personal views. Within the general Cybersecurity field, there are three general areas that you can be involved in: 1) Computer System Defense, 2) Computer System Attack, and 3) Computer System Spy.

The titles of these three sub fields are fairly self explanatory; CSD involves defending software and protecting it from outside attacks and spies, CSA involves attacking enemy software that could potentially pose a threat to your employer’s software, and CSS involves going in to another source of software and spying on their information, gathering necessary beneficial knowledge from that information, and then retrieving it back to your employer’s software in order to enhance a certain aspect of the software/company, or just to store the information as knowledge that could be beneficial in the future.

Based on my high and increasing interest in Cybersecurity, as well as math and science being my core strengths throughout my educational career, I think that going into the Cybersecurity field suits my needs and interests perfectly. Not only awill I be benefiting companies and/or the U. S. government by protecting classified information, but I will be loving my job because it involves all of my key interests and strengths, and does not involve a lot of tasks that I would particularly dislike.

Because I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Cybersecurity degree from the University of Maryland University College, I will be on the right track to my set goals involving my chosen career in the Cybersecurity field. There are only two steps from here I can take: 1) be on the lookout for Cybersecurity internships I can apply for in order to familiarize myself with the specific working environment that this career involves, and 2) keep on pursuing my degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College.