Writings during the post-Civil War period describe the New World or America as a place of prejudice and discrimination for the Black Americans. It was in this period when blacks really experienced an intense racial discrimination from the whites.

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Nevertheless, even though the central theme of most of the writings during the post-Civil War period talked about the injustices in the land of America, there are still marginal differences on the writings between the male and female writers of the said period.

During the post-Civil War period, the writings of the male poets focus their writing experience more on the technical problems brought about by the issue of prejudice and discrimination.

For instance, Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” discusses the issue on the discrimination among the blacks in general. The author delves on the political, economical and social dilemma brought about by the prejudice in the system of the African Americans (Elliot 1999).

On the other hand, female writers during the post-Civil War period dwells more on the emotional aspect of the issue during the era. Lydia Marie Child’s “The Frugal Housewife” and “Ladies Family Library” discuss in details the effects of discrimination to the women during the period (Karcher 1994). Her works emphasize specifically the social and moral issues about women brought about by the intense discrimination on that particular time.

Through the works of these two authors, it can be reflected that most of the male writers during the post-Civil War period discussed the social and political issues resulted from the conflict between the whites and the blacks. Male writers were more concerned about the issue on discrimination and prejudice in general. On the other hand, female writers during the period focused more on the issue about women.

This shows that female writers in this era put a great deal of effort to discuss the results brought about by the issue on discrimination and prejudice on the women in particular. Although both writers had similar central idea on their writings, they actually differed on their scope and attack of the issue.

In total, during the post-Civil War period, male and female writers had the same central idea on their writings but they had different scope and attack of the central idea.


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