There are many ways to advertise a film for example it can be promoted via the Internet or by a poster or film trailer. In my essay I will be analysing the effectiveness of a poster and a film trailer and how useful they are in advertising a motion picture. The film trailers I will be comparing are Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and Shrek. There are many ways of advertising a film using a film trailer.

In the Harry Potter film trailer at the very beginning of it the WB logo appears but then breaks away into lots of owls and they come swooping down to the audience this is called a unique selling point other whys nown as a USP this is an attempt to make the viewer remember who the film is made by and what film it is. The music in the film is made to sound mystical and magical because that's what the film is about, the music in the film is always relevant to the film clips and the film itself. The logo is shown through out the trailer just to remind the viewer what company made the film.

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A voice over is used to explain the clips if they are shot out of sequence, the voice of a famous person from the film is usually used to do the voice over and one of the important characters was used. The ain character Harry is shown at the beginning of the trailer and his face is the main view this is to make the audience remember the main character. The end of the trailer shows the date it is out and the web site the different companies and lots of information there are flashes of lightning at the end and after each flash some more information is shown this is a unique selling point it is a good way of making it visually interesting.

The Harry Potter poster also has unique selling points but they are shown in a pictorial view for example the colours of the writing and the background are contrasting this makes the poster more visually nteresting, the writing itself is lighting shaped to give the effect of strikes from a magic wand all these effects make the poster more visually interesting. The characters overlap each other, but not just in any way they overlap each other in order of importance but Harry is bang in the middle of the poster because he is the main character.

The same thing happens with the background pictures that are placed clockwise around Harry but the most important thing is first picture going clockwise both of these are unique selling points this is an attempt to make the person looking at the poster remember who the main character is and hat place in the film has more importance to Harry. The WB logo is on the poster, but can't be emphasised as much as it can on a trailer but is always on view, there are more website addresses because the is more time to look at them.

The Lord Of The Rings film trailer the logo "new line cinema" appears straight after that a ring is spinning in the air and the background is a fiery Hell kind of background then there is a voice over a man with a deep voice saying that the ring in the wrong hands it could enslave the world so it needs to be destroyed this is a way of letting the viewer now it is a quest film and introduces the theme the ring spinning in the air is a long clip this is saying the ring is the main thing in this film the background is appropriate because of what the voice over is saying that if the ring is found by the wrong person the world will end up like Hell.

A boys hand comes up and grabs the ring, as the fist opens the view goes thought the ring as it sparkles then it is the next clip, this is a unique selling point in the ring is use in the smallest way this is because yet again the ring has the most important part in the film and the director want to keep reminding the viewer of hat then the main character is zoomed in on the focus is now on the young land Frodo there is a another voice over this time a woman she says even the smallest person can change the course of the future she is from the film and quotes a line from it as she is saying this the camera zooms in on Frodo this is a unique selling point because it is supposed to make you think that what she said is about him this sort of introduces you to the main character as there is a sound track it has a mythical sound because it is a mythical film when the action clips come on the music changes to a very dramatic feeling, , this is o emphasis the clip this is also a unique selling point this makes you remember the film because it changes suddenly.

Every time there is a clash of the symbols a new clip is shown the clips are all out of sequence because the best clips are shown to entice the audience to see the film each clip after that introduces each character in order of importance this used to make sure the viewer remembers the most important characters.

The title of the film isn't shown until the end this builds up suspense for the viewer and it also makes he/she remember the film after the title is shown the ring is then shown faded spinning orizontally across the screen slowly and sparkles witch is made to stand out, the sparkle then moves across the screen leaving behind it the date the film is out and where it is being shown the film company is then shown at the end as well as the websites and the logo the logo is there to help you recognise the film company the title of the film is shown again at the very end this is to remind you of the name of the film and it is to engrave the film name on your memory. The poster is long and thin this is to emphasis the main character in the film and portrays him as a star the boy in the icture is called Frodo the boy is holding a sword and the sword is long and thin like the shape of the poster this is an effect to make the viewer remember the film.

The colour of the writing is gold filtered like the ring colour this is because the film is about the ring and the writing style and font is normally relevant to the film it just makes the poster more visually interesting the logo "new line cinema" is a piece of cut tape this is a unique logo it is to make the Film Company of the easily recognized. The only character on there is the main boy Frodo this is ecause he is the star of the film. The backgrounds made slightly fuzzy to make the young boy stand out this are to remember the character. The film trailer for Shrek has many effects used on it to make the watcher remember the film and to want to go and see it.

At the very beginning the "Dream Works" logo and name appears this is to help you remember the company that made the film straight after that there is a voice over it's the character donkey who is played by Eddie Murphy a very funny famous actor this is a way of getting people to watch the film if someone funny is in it, it has the akings of a funny film. The donkey introduces the film trailer, there s a voice over because the clips are out of sequence the first clip we see shows the watcher about the film princesses and dragons then you see the two other main characters this just introduce them to the viewer there is a voice over to make the actions of the clips clearer as they are shot out of sequence.

The clips are shot out of sequence because the funniest clips are shown to entice the watcher to go and see the movie the title of the film is shown numerous times through out the trailer this is two make ou remember the film and the name is repeated in the clips because the main characters name is Shrek this is a good technique because the name is said a lot by other characters so it is engraved on the watchers memory at the very end of the trailer the date an d where the film is being shown is shown and websites this is to help you remember it better . The name of the film on a poster it is on view all the time but a trailer put it across better it the same with the characters and the place it is set Posters do thing trailers don't and how trailers do things posters don't they are both effective in each other's weaknesses.