Negotiation is an important technique that each individual possess, some are quite remarkable at it and others lack the right steps. However, knowing when and how to negotiation is important especially in the world today, it is guaranteed that at some point one will find themselves right in the middle of a negotiation. As humans we tend to negotiate about almost everything, which can be the sale of a home, to save money on a certain item, or to purchase a vehicle.

For a negotiation to be successful one must maintain not only good communication but also a good personality, the more charming ones personality is in a negotiation the more likely it will be successful. This paper will analyze a situation in which the writer is trying to buy a vehicle. The roles of communication and personality in negotiation will be analyzed, as well as how they contribute to or detract from the negotiation. Negotiating In October of 2006 Lynda Padilla turned 19, at which time she decided that she wanted a brand new car.

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She headed to a Power Chevrolet, a car lot with not only brand new vehicles but used as well. Lynda decided that used was not what she wanted, she had already been through two used vehicles in the last year and it was time that she not only had something she worked hard for but also something she felt that she deserved. As Lynda was looking at the 2007 Chevy Malibu’s a salesman name Eric walked up to her and asked if he could assist her in any way. In response Lynda said yes, I would like to purchase a vehicle for my birthday.

Eric was more than pleased to assist Lynda, he asked her to follow him back to his office where he collected her driver’s license, ran her credit, and collect her employment information, as she filled out a very detailed application. Once both parties were finished, Eric got up and walked into his supervisor’s office, they both came out and explained to Lynda that although her credit score was incredible for a 19 year old, she had never made a large purchase; therefore she would not be able to purchase a new vehicle that day, however the supervisor had another plan in mind.

Negotiation took way; Eric asked how much Lynda had to put down, she replied with $500 and used Oldsmobile. Which seemed to be enough, Eric walked out onto the car lot and came back to Lynda with a white 2006 Chevy Cobalt. It was all wrong to Lynda; she climbed into it and was horrified. This will not work she told Eric, I want a new car, I want it to be burgundy, with automatic windows, a sunroof, a nice radio, with a good sound system in it, I want it to have low miles, while at the same time having a low interest rate and car payment.

If she could not have this then she was going to leave. Eric asked her to wait and went in to talk to his supervisor. Both Eric and his supervisor came back out and explained to Lynda if she wanted to have a brand new vehicle she would have to lease, she also need the $500 down plus the trade in. Lynda agreed to these terms and was led over to the lot of brand new Cobalts, where Eric explained that she would not be able to have just any vehicle but she was limited to the Cobalt model. Again Lynda agreed and went ahead and picked one out.

It was a beautiful 2007 burgundy model; it had only been test driven and had a mere 17 miles on it. Both parties then headed back into the office, where Lynda was told she would have a $500 car payment, this would not be acceptable Lynda explained. She told Eric that yes she worked two jobs but had other obligations. It was discussed and agreed that it could be lowered to $400 a month. After everything Lynda drove away with her brand new Cobalt, had a $400 payment with an 11% interest rate.

Analyze the Roles of Communication and Personality in Negotiation Communication is more than just the words one speaks; it is how one conducts themselves, the position of their arms, their facial expression. There are many types of communication, negotiating is an interpersonal type, which is communication through both verbal and nonverbal techniques. Both of the nonverbal and the verbal communication have a significant impact on the objectives of the negotiation. According to Lewicki, Saunders, and Barry 2006), many of the most important factors that shape a negotiations result do not occur during the negotiation; they occur before the parties start to negotiate or shape the context around the negotiation (p. 9). In fact it can be said that the better a person can communicate the better that person will be at negotiating. The use of foul language or derogatory sentences makes one look ignorant and does not make the negotiation successful but in the end a win – lose situation. One must not just keep their communicating skills in mind but also their personality; which plays a vital role in negotiations.

A charming personality will go a long way in a negotiation and could be the link to success. It is important that when in a negotiation one remains calm, is sincere, and remains honest at all times. When someone is dishonest or seems to be overly competitive the trust between the people negotiating is diminished and coming to a solution is much more difficult. Like Lynda was when negotiating the vehicle she wanted, instead of getting angry Lynda remained calm, her disappointment was not vivid in her body language she just told Eric what she wanted otherwise the deal was off.

Once this was done she was given what she wanted, in the end it was a win – win situation; the dealership leased a brand new vehicle and Lynda drove off with a new vehicle. Conclusion In conclusion it was Lynda’s prime goal to purchase for her 19th birthday, it was brought to her attention by the dealership that she could not purchase the exact vehicle she wanted, because it was beyond her means. However, Lynda was delivered with an alternative option of leasing a brand new vehicle which was not only a better fit for her financially but also overall.

It was communicated to Lynda upfront that she would not be able to purchase a vehicle due to her lack of credit history but after all of her options were laid out on the table Lynda was still able to walk out on the lot and pick the exact car she wanted. In the end Eric the car salesman gave Lynda a legitimate alternative and the negotiation process ended in a successful win – win manner. If the certain negotiation tactics that Lynda used were not used then the outcome may have been much different, Lynda could have been stuck with a contract in which she did not want or worse a payment she could not afford.