For my project I visited the Los Alamitos City council. The beginning of the meeting started with a call of order then proceeded to the roll call of the board members. After these steps had taken place the Pledge of Allegiance was said and the meeting began. As each speaker had their turn to speaker about their topic I noticed how democratic it was after a person had given their speech each of the board members voted on the issue and the matter was either passed or declines, it was very similar to direct democracy.

Also each speaker was given five minutes which is plenty of time to get your ideas across to the board, and it’s just a long enough time so people don’t get sidetracked or bored. But the only problem that I can see with the five minute rule is if you have too many people speaking at a meeting, not everyone will have their chance to speak. While they’re I noticed that the size of the city council building was a little smaller than expected, because they were unable to sit all the people who attended causing a majority of people to stand in the back during the course of the meeting.

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There were many issues brought up during the meeting, one of the first issues dealt with the location of Verizon services through Los Alamitos, and the installing and construction that would happen if the city were to install Verizon services. Another important issue that was brought up was the increasing rise in water prices in los Alamitos, which any of the citizens at the meeting talked about and many proposals to the board. An finally one of the Last issues had to deal with trees uprooting sidewalks and roads throughout Los Alamitos that where cased by trees.

Out of these three main topics the one that most surprised me was the cracked sidewalks and roads from trees. This most interested me because of the stimulus money that was put into fixing roads in the us has not helped out damaged and pot hole filled roads and sidewalks. These trees should be taken down because the longer they stay there the more damage they do to this city. Also it is a real danger for those who walk and skate around Los Alamitos because if you’re not watching the ground you can trip and fall.

Going to this city council meeting taught me it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do because you can always make a difference in your committee if you are dedicated and put the work in for your cause. Another thing that surprised me the most about the city council meeting was how well everything easy organized and set up. There was no delay or any disruptions during the meeting, no mechanical issues everything is set up and ready to go as soon as all the board members arrive. In addition there environment and attitude of the meeting was very active and supportive to everyone’s ideas and decisions made by the council.