Identify what you believe are the characteristics of a good judge, a good prosecutor, and a good defense attorney. How do these characteristics contribute to an effective court system? Of a good judge is being able to be impartial. Good listening skills, understanding facts, critical thinking, interpreting the law and conform to society needs. Of good procesuctor and good defense attorney-good listening skills, understanding facts, advocating for their client, and willingness to give 100% to their client.

These characteristics contribute to an effective court system because it makes each of the players competent and able to do their job. If one of the players is not doing their job then the system is failing in their mission of seeking justice. If you had the choice to be a highly paid criminal defense attorney or a prosecutor with 1/3 of the defense attorney's salary which would you chose? Explain. To be honest, if I had the money I will probably pay a criminal defense attorney to a prosecutor that is getting 1/3 of the defense attorney’s salary. I will just feel that the attorney will be able to give me a better defense because I will be one of his main clients while the prosecutor might have a high caseload which I will be one among thousands and get lost.

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Plea Bargaining

In your own words, define plea bargaining. Who do you believe benefits the most from plea bargaining? Could a large county in America realistically stop offering plea bargains? Plea bargaining means the negotiation between the defense and prosecutor lawyers on the sentencing an individual will get. One side might give up something to get other side to give a lesser sentence. I don’t think with the high case load that courts have we (USA) can realistic stop offering plea bargaining. It will be unrealistic. It will mean that the courts need more lawyers and judges.