Immigration, Urbanization, and Industrialization are directly related. Immigration causes urbanization, which causes industrialization, but industrialization also causes immigration and urbanization. These three things work in a cycle. Immigration causes an influx of people into a certain area. There general trend is that immigrants look towards cities because of jobs. Often times immigrants are very poor, and very desperate for work.

This means that they will relocate to an area with lots of job opportunities (like major cities), and they will take whatever jobs they will get. This also means that the people hiring them will pay them a very small sum of money because they know they will do the work. Urbanization thrives because of the increasing population, and people the majority of immigrants setting in urban areas. This also means that industrialization thrives. Immigration causes diversity, ot only in ethnicity, but in ideas, inventions, and innovations.

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Also, it increases the need for industrialization. Because there are more people, there is a higher demand for new “things” to make day to day life easier. On the flip side, Industrialization can also cause urbanization and immigration. Industrialization creates jobs, and the prospect of a better life. Both of these things attract people from all over the world, which of course leads to immigration. The immigration adds to urbanization as ell. Industrialization also causes urbanization because it can indirectly put farmers out of work.

As shipping prices and the interest rate of loans increased more farmers became tenant farmers, or left farms and moved to the cities. Industrialization causes both urbanization and immigration, and is also a direct result of urbanization and immigration. These three things thrive off of each other, and power each other. They grow because of each other, because they all benefit from one another.