Choosing a career path is a lifelong process which includes actually selecting a field of study in which you want to go into, getting the job and adapting to the career that you want to pursue. Choosing my career path wasn’t an easy process. It took several years throughout high school years to figure out what I wanted to major in and what career of study I really actually wanted to go into for the rest of my life. I chose a career that would benefit me and others also. I want to be a chemistry major and eventually go to graduate school for pharmaceutical technologies or become a pharmacist.

I arrived at this choice after a volunteer service called “The Career Expo” for high school seniors in Ontario, Canada. They talked about the different selections of majors and fields there are and how to go about choosing what field that you would like study. There were over 300 studies and about 5 came into interest. I talked to the different representatives in which they studied and that’s when I finally narrowed down to one specific field that I that I wanted to go into. I love science and have excelled in it throughout my years of High School.

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Natural Science, Biology, and Chemistry gave me a sense of victory due to the fact that I outrivaled in every course in High School. My main focus is to get Ph. MD certification in Chemistry and then go to Pharmacy School. If Pharmacy School doesn’t work out I can always have something to fall back on. In preparation of my career I gathered information about how long Chemistry and Pharmacy majors are expected to stay in school and what classes and curricular they are expected to take.