The Bureaucratic control is a system that characterizes the specialization of the functions of the government or organisation to set up the rules and hierarchy to control the employee behaviour. William McWilliams (MGMT, P. 324). Define Bureaucratic Control as “The use of hierarchical authority to influence employee behaviour by rewarding or punishing employees for compliance or non-compliance with organizational policies, rules and procedures”.

In this example we saw that bureaucratic control is not by random, is guide by the organisation ground rules which supervise the work process procedures according to their hierarchy of the official staff in the organisation, which meant to be orderly, fair and highly efficient. These rules were established to facilitate and reaching of organizational objectives goal.

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When the people in organization do the right thing and work effectively and efficiency, it simply means that they work toward achieving the organization objectives goal Now a day some people perceive bureaucracy negatively in their point of views because some organisation have limited holiday and provide long working hours, lack of having time with family may cause distress and anxiously, and delaying of solving the conflict among the employee contribute negativity toward organisation polies or rules, and lack of equal flexibility at work.

Some managers in organization also act like super power with less respect and not listening to employees who produce 90% of organization production on daily basis. In my personal opinion I believe that the best bureaucracy is where the leaders or managers build trust with employees in organization and addressing all issues that facing the workers without fear. The best Bureaucratic control has the following elements:

* Provide organisation with direction how well they are on their work performance toward achieving the organization goal. Provide tactics for organization to adjust its performance to keep moving forward in the right direction

* Provide the policy to organization to identify the nature of the problem and to judge the value of staff, cause of Conflict, role of employees and distribution of duties in the organisations. Williams McWilliams (MGMT, P. 321) state that, “The better the system, the easier it is for companies to track their progress and identity problems that need to be fixed”. When there is a clear system in organisation it make job easier for everyone and this provide cohesive relationship between employees and staff in the organisations.

Example of Bureaucratic Control in University: Administrative hierarchy, Staff functions with rules the structures of the Subjects because any teacher know what subject to lecture and where or what room to be lecture. Here is what Don Peretz said “The government was centralized bureaucracy, whose efficiency for centuries depended on the personal character”. This statement show that bureaucratic control give equally right to all employees, and increase the employee participation at work place, and provide efficiency and work performance in organisation.