Britvic soft drink has a long and illustrious history in the world of brands. The company that makes the juice was founded in the middle of 19th century in Great Britain. The firm juices were first produce in1938 in small bottles. Britvic acquired the tango brand in 1987,and launched its j2o brand in 1998. the brand comes in six different flavors . seven bottles of j2o are sold in every second, and it is the best selling drink in UK pubs and bar. Britvic continues to innovation in term of its product. In 2005 the total soft-drink supplied by company reached 1. 4 billion.

Suddenly company face the consumer cutting on their purchases of fizzy drinks, such as tango. The business immediately fought back by launching drench, pennine, spring, and h2o . the major success story was its j2o brand. Gatorade which Britvic holds the bottling rights to until 2026 were becoming more popular. Pepsi products were also selling well. j2o had established itself as the number one packed adult soft drink . in first five years of its production, it generated more than 550$ million for Britvic. ame a premium adult soft drink that’s name means “gentle rain” in Japanese.

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The product which originally created by company called orchid drinks, mixture of fruits, springs water. Britvic acquired orchid drinks in 2000. britvic also purchase the brand idris in 1987, it is a well known beer brand. One of the best acquisitions is R whites a lemonade and ginger beer brand. In 1986 Canada dry Rawlings LTD. was purchased by Britvic. Britvic invest in significantly in marketing campaigns including television adverts, also offer consumer’s great offer by using its products they give free tour to the tennis championship.

Britvic’s soft drinks become most popular drink in summer among adults and children. Pepsi max also gives chance to win its consumers to win $ 1700 every 90 minutes, and they give chance to visit Los Angeles with famous football player David beckham. It becomes no 1 cola in UK pubs and bars. Peter kikby, Britvic brand director of carbonated beverages said “together, Pepsi and Britvic’s expertise at driving cola sales around football is unsurpassed it, continues exciting the consumer through summer.

The marketing director of pepsico, Bruno gruwez, saw the initiatives as being one of exciting campaign that allowed consumer to link up with their favorite football star. The British television series thunderbirds to spearhead its attempts to raise brand awareness among consumer, it launched in June 2008 increase in consumer awareness of drench in just two weaks. adds were also featured on social networking site facebook. the sales of drench increased by 172 percent following the campaing. ritvics senior brand manager for drench, Cameron Davison said “the success of the new drench brains has been phenomenal, the add campaign has really created buzz around the brand ,and we are seeing this reflected in sales-drench has made a significant impact on the grocery water market, which is real achievement. The next phase of the drench brains campaign, knows as the brain gym was rolled out in July 2008. the brains gym is a perfect way to do this and is a great fit with the personality of brand.

A new formulation of PepsiCo’s Gatorade was launched by Britvic’s in may 2008, and its ergonomically fit into people’s hand while they are excersing. via a fast moving and competitive series of campaign in various markets, Britvic and its partners continues to try to innovate so as to drive to company brand forward and to retain market share but to increase it, as well as grow consumer awareness of its brand, and by doing so it become one of the leading soft drinks manufacturers in the world.