There are three characters in this scene. One of them is the Bridegroom. In those days men had to be the providers, they had to be strong and they were also the centre of the family. This is exactly what the Bridegroom is, he works in the vineyards, he is the only son so he is the centre of the family and he is strong. In this scene the Bridegroom is about to go to work so will be wearing work clothes such as brown dangerines, worn out shoes, white shirt.

On stage the Bridegroom will act a bit angry in the beginning because the mother has started to irritate him first thing in the morning. He calms down when the Mother starts to talk about how the Bridegrooms Father and Brother were killed by knife. The second character is the Mother of the Bridegroom. She is a widow and in those days women were religious & loyal mothers. Widows were also confined to the house, so on stage the Mother will be wearing a dark cloak because that was the type of clothes widows used to wear.

On the stage the Mother will walk a bit slow because she hasn't stepped outside her house for twenty years so her legs haven't got any exercise. The Mother will also be emotional whenever the Father or the other Son is mentioned because she still hasn't got over their deaths even though it has been twenty years. The third character is the Neighbour. The neighbour will be wearing light clothes such as; a white dress with a white hat because it is hot outside and dark clothes would attract heat.

The neighbour on stage will act a bit worried as she is also over protective over her son. The stage I will be using is the stage called the 'Proscenium Arch'. I have chosen this stage because it is not too close to the audience so they can't spot any minor mistakes. Also because my scene is set in the living room of a villa in Spain, so there will be wall and also a door for the actors to come on & off the stage. It is better that I use the Proscenium Arch stage rather than 'Theatre in Round' or 'Black Box Studio'.

The other advantage is that the actors and actresses hardly ever turn there backs to the audience on the 'Proscenium Arch' whereas people sit around 'Theatre in Round' so no matter what the actors and actresses are always facing there to part of the audience. The 'Black Box studio ' is not suitable either because the audience sit on the sides of that stage as well. On the stage there will be a fireplace, which adds a bit of detail to the room, and it also makes it a bit cosy, on top of the fireplace there will be a cross which symbolises Christianity.

I have placed this cross because this is a religious family. On the wall, on top of the cross there will be a painting of the Father and to make the painting stand out I will place one candle on each side of the painting. There will also be a dining table in the room because when the Mother says 'son your food' the Bridegroom says 'leave it' so the Mother will place the Bridegroom's food on the table. There will be a window in the room where the light will be coming through. There will also be two chairs on stage for the Mother and the Neighbour.

The stage will be painted yellow because it will blend in with the naturalistic light I will be using. I will be using naturalistic lighting so the stage would appear like it is natural sunlight light up the stage. I will use the Fresnell light as it makes the actors and actresses stand out but not too much. Most of the lighting will be from above but I will have Naturalistic light coming through the window, which will make the stage look realistic. I am quite happy with my directing of this play. If I were to direct this play again I would add furniture such as 'little stools' and some 'plants'.