This was an interesting movie about a man named Rick Dadier who is married to his wife Anne Dadier who is pregnant. Rick is a war veteran who lands a job teaching. Now this isn’t your ordinary teaching job because he has to teach a class of thugs who don’t listen. Rick is hired at a North Manual High School, which is a boys school. Now this is the first thing he is faced with as a new teacher at this school. As he is there he discovers that the rumors brought to his attention about student discipline are true.

As a new teacher at North Manual High School all the more experienced teachers who have worked here for a longer period of time try to teach Rick and the other newer teachers here at this high school how to handle certain situations with this bunch of careless unwilling group of students. Although these teachers try to counsel Rick and the others Rick attempts to bring some sort of discipline into his classroom. When Rick does this it antagonizes a violent response from both students and staff.

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Rick Dadier believes that of the kids in the school there is one student above all who he believes is against him. This young mans name is Gregory Miller who thinks by using the means of being black as racial way to provoke people. Ever since Rick got this job teaching with this rowdy bunch of students his wife for some reason has been receiving letters stating false assumptions that Rick has been cheating on her with some women at the school.

In spite of his anger he went to school and made an accusation to Gregory Miller who neither confirmed or denied it he just antagonized the argument and made it worse. Overall this was a good movie because it was shocking and startling. This movie was nominated for three Oscars in 1956. So if you like the old time shocking movies this is a good movie for you.