All around the world mothers are putting their young girls into beauty pageants. Some of these children can barely talk and just learned to walk. This is not healthy for these girls because they grow up being judged on how beautiful they are and told how they should look. There should be an age limit on how old you have to be to enter a beauty pageant at the minimum of sixteen. It's not fair on the toddlers to be paraded around on a stage, wearing layers of make up and hundred dollar dresses.

They should be allowed a normal childhood, something they wont get being graded on their appearance. Beauty Contests don't judge a child by their brains, or their talents, but by how beautiful and skinny they are. How can a parent put their young child into a contest that judges their daughter on her looks? Today's society has become really bad for judging people. Growing up is difficult enough on teens that they shouldn't have to go through being judged before they even reach school. Many girls who enter beauty pageants end up being anorexic or bulimic.

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They believe that to be beautiful they have to be extremely skinny and to them this is the easiest way to become "beautiful. " Beauty can be defined by many things. It's not only how skinny you are compared to others, or who looks the prettiest in today's standards, but by their personality, their talents, and their attitude towards others. These contests over look all these things and just focus on looks. Do you really want your child growing up thinking that she isn't beautiful because she doesn't win some contest?

Some parents don't even let their child choose if they want to be in it or not. They just force them into the contest and tell them what to do. Some parents can be very over demanding. In 1960 Little Miss America was started because parents wanted their children to participate in these contests. Each year about 250 000 children take part in beauty pageants across America and their parents believe that this is a way for their children to gain confidence but these young girls don't need this type of confidence, and what happens to the child who loses?

She doesn't gain confidence; she will lose some and feel that she has let her parents down. From each competition there is only one winner and twenty or more children who have their dreams crushed. They may get money and scholarships for entering but that just teaches these young children that it is okay to use your body to get money, and its not. Beauty Pageants teach children to not be who they really are but what others want them to be.

Low self-esteem, eating disorders and doing anything to be "beautiful" is a crisis that many girls go through as they are growing up. Beauty Pageants are not the only cause of the lack of confidence. For some children it may even boost it... if they are winning. But children shouldn't have to compare their looks to others. Beauty Pageants promote being unhealthy. Not everyone can naturally be extremely skinny and those who aren't hurt themselves to achieve this type of beauty.