Barack Obama, the 44th man elected as president of the United States is one person who has influenced many people, including me. He is the first African American to be elected as president. Moreover, President-elect Obama is one of few presidents who have chosen to govern the country versus just ruling it. Thus, the purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the ways in which I have been influenced by President-elect Obama. Additionally, the details of the essay will provide evidence as to the reasons why he is a good choice. He has wisdom For starters, President-elect Obama is not an ordinary man.

He attended and graduated from Harvard Law School. That is where he met his wife, Michelle Obama. President-elect Obama and First Lady Obama have two children. Even while Barack Obama was running for president (at the time he was Democratic Senator of Illinois), he took time out to call home and speak with his wife and children, when they were not on the road with him (IMDb, 2008). In addition, President-elect Obama always had a sense of family about him. Thus, Obama has been a charismatic leader in a manner that has provided the African American male with a role model family man and father figure prototype.

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Yet, I believe he has transcended decades of stereotypes that portrayed many African American males as dead beat fathers. An example is the fact President-elect Obama reassured his daughters they would receive the puppy he had promised them if he won the presidential election. Not only that, President-elect Obama has chosen to surround himself with good decision makers and to allow the general public involvement in the governing processes. This shows that President-elect Obama understands when it is time to lead and when leadership can be delegated to others. Surly, he is a wise man.

Wisdom is something that much desire to acquire but few seem to achieve. He is a good man of humble character A second way in which President-elect Obama has influenced me is through his demeanor. He always stands tall and never backs down from a challenge. This alone, won President-elect Obama the hearts of many Americans as he ran for president over the past two years, to finally realize his dream in November 2008. Yet, this did not make him conceited or vain in any way. For example, when Hilary Clinton loss the Democratic presidential candidate vote to Obama, he told the people to applaud her efforts and that she was an honorable opponent.

Moreover, just recently, President-elect Obama chose Hilary Clinton as the Secretary of State. This proves President-elect Obama willingness to set aside any differences for the good of all. President-elect Obama knows the many difficulties ahead in reshaping America out of a recession. He also sat down with John McCain and thanked him for many years of service to the United States as well as talked politics with McCain. Thus, President-elect Obama demonstrates an attitude of change and has proven he is not just an orator of words. He understands that fear is not an option President-elect Obama continues to impress many, including me.

Not only is there something about him that is very likeable, I have seen that President-elect Obama is not a man of fear. For example, on numerous occasions Barack Obama received death threats. Many individuals tried to lure him away from the presidential campaign trail. However, Obama stood his ground and kept his head held high. Obama realized that America needed change and it had to come quick. Through perseverance and a healthy attitude, President-elect Obama was able to win over the States of Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. In the 2004 election of the now current President George W. Bush, these states voted Republican (IMDb, 2008).

If that is not saying much, Obama was first seen as a real threat to win the presidential election when the people of Iowa (a predominately white state) got on board with his agenda. In fact, President-elect Obama won the State of Iowa during the election in November 2008. He is ready to move the country forward While the McCain-Palin ticket often talked about getting the country moving again, I believed that Barack Obama was the man for the job. Thus, when Obama was elected president, it did not come as a huge surprise. The Obama-Biden ticket was always about change.

In fact, President-elect Obama has promised to increase funding opportunities for higher education. Indeed, this has influenced me. For example, I do not have to stop my education with the degree I am currently working on. There can be a decision made to continue my education, knowing funding will be available. Also, President-elect Obama has chosen to provide more employment opportunities. This is important as I will need sufficient employment upon acquiring my degree. Furthermore, President-elect Obama has discussed giving tax breaks to the middle class and small businesses (IMDb, 2008).

He has always had the attitude of “spreading the wealth”. This is important to me as I see it as an opportunity to become prosperous without having to pay extra taxes. For example, I may choose to have a small business. In doing so, if my total annual revenue falls below $250,000 to $300,000, I am eligible for tax incentives. Before, the wealthy received the tax breaks which only made them richer. Conclusion President-elect Obama has given America hope. This country can now look forward to recovery from the past eight years of struggles.

While President-elect Obama understands the need for war, he knows when it is time to step away and let a country rule itself. That is why President-elect Obama plans to pull troops out of Iraq over a span of three years or so. Again, this demonstrates the wisdom that Obama possesses. Not only that, President-elect Obama realizes that the people need another tax break. That is why he is talking about a 2nd stimulus check and tax incentives. Whereas President Bush cannot make up his mind about the matter, Obama is a man of good character that has a humble spirit in knowing when help is mandatory. Moreover, Obama saw what worked in the past.

That is why he has surrounded himself with people who helped former President Bill Clinton back in 1994-2000. Additionally, President-elect Obama has even positioned Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. Indeed, he is moving the country forward—one day at a time. It has not been a difficult decision in choosing Barack Obama for this essay because as others, I have gotten to know him quite well over the past couple years through many televised events, news conferences, articles, speeches, and conversations with family and friends. These are the reasons why President-elect Obama has been of influence in my life.