1. What do you think of Mack’s approach to solving his problem?

2. How would you go about the task if you were Ralph?

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3. What do you think Mack should do if he doesn’t think that the group’s decision is reasonable? I believe that Mack made the right choice in going to a senior co-worker and allowing him to collaborate on a plan with other co-workers to find solutions other than layoffs.

By pulling together his idea’s with that of Ralph’s and the others Mack is now able to create a final cutback plan. If I were Ralph I would gather up the employees by scheduling a meeting, from this point I would go over the situation, review idea’s and come up with the best possible solutions. After coming up with the general guideline I would organize the suggestions with reasonable explanations as to why they were a better solution over layoffs and present it to Mack.

In the event that the solutions created by Ralph and the other co-workers were not reasonable I would suggest that Mack cut hours, put up a volunteer time off sheet so employees have the option to take more time off if they choose and also implement layoffs if employees are not being productive. By cutting hours Mack can still keep his employees while lower labor and production.

He can also achieve this by allowing employees to sign up for time off on a volunteer basis In the event that employee are not being productive layoff would unfornutely have to be implemented which in the long run will lowere labor and production so from looking at it from this perspective Mack would have been doing what was asked of him.