My name is Yasar Ali and I plan to keep it that way even after I marry, although that's not going to happen for a while. I'm now eighteen, doing my A levels and preparing frantically to go to university next year. I was born on the 9th of January, in 1987, into a Muslim family. I have 3 sisters, 2 much older than myself, and 1 younger. I was born in England where I've been brought up and consider home. I visit Pakistan often, as a tourist or a guest.

I feel life is one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed upon me. This blessing is as unique as it is bestowed only once. I consider religion as a vital factor in my life as it guides me to the right path in reaching the destination which is God. I follow the religion of "Islam". I would not attempt to compare the religions or justify mine. There are many religions and every religion directs to the right path. I feel it is up to oneself to choose the religion they intend to follow.

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I sometimes consider my life a sea saw of memories; a sway between happiness and misery. Some have touched my heart more than others. There are many moments that come to my mind when I think about my past but there is one in particular, the day my youngest sister was born. I was about eight when she was born. As I am not the oldest and neither the youngest child in my family I didn't have many responsibilities to take up when my mum was admitted to hospital expecting my sister.

I still remember all the hassle she had to go through before getting in the car to go. She was putting together all her clothes wondering where most of them were and screaming her head off when she was talking to my two older sisters. As my other younger sister wasn't that old she didn't understand what was happening so being her older brother I had to explain to her where mum was going, but I doubt that she understood. She was still in the illusion that babies were thrown down from the sky

When my mum was in hospital my dad had to stay with her meaning my three sisters and two elder brothers and I had to stay at home. My little sister was still crying her eyes out wondering where my mum had gone and thought that my mum had left us, so most of my night was spent making her calm down and not sleeping. All night I was waiting for the phone to ring and my dad to tell us that my mum was going to come home with the baby but I stayed up all night and yet the phone didn't ring.

Finally in the early hours of the morning the phone rang. I was asleep. I remember my sister screaming her head off when she came into my room telling me to get up. I had forgotten that my mum was in hospital and told her to leave me alone. Then it finally hit me I remembered, my sister finally calmed herself down and told me the news. I was so happy and couldn't wait for my mum to come home. It then suddenly upon me that I had been so engulfed in worry and nervousness that the house was a mess. Everyone was in a real rush to clean the house before my mum came home so that there would be nothing to do when the baby came home and we could all play with her.

When my mum did come home with the baby everyone had turned there attention onto the baby so my other youngest sister felt left out. She had been the baby of the family for this long and now all of a sudden she wasn't the baby any more. Although I really wanted to play with the baby I reassured my sister that everyone still loved her same and that no one would take her place. It took her a little time to get used to but she got over it.

From the advices of my elders and after studying the environment in which I have been brought up, I have decided for myself to devote my life to help others. I have decided to become a lawyer that I consider is the best way to portray my sympathy for people. I am also aware of the competition and high requirements for admissions in the universities. I am confident that, with the help of God and my hard work, I will achieve my target.

As I get older, I feel I am becoming more mature and I am becoming more aware of the true values in life. In the very near future, I hope to become a lawyer and help people. I am also determined to travel to the different parts of the world and explore the great sceneries that god has made.