As we both know we have just hired more employees that are minorities and female to correct the lack of diversity in the work place here at Austen Pharmaceuticals. I also understand the budget cuts we have to make to keep the company profitable. So I have sat back and thought about the most ethical way to approach this situation. What I have come up with is to go through my payroll, and make sure I am not overstaffing. In doing so I have found five percent of profit I could cut in my personal pay and hours by working less overtime and getting my tasks done and keeping the right people in place to oversee the staff while I am out.

I also went through and found that if we rotate hours and if all employees take a two hour cut every day we could refrain from letting go of any employees. In coming to this solution I have found that we should be able to reach the 15 percent cut in payroll that you have requested without reducing our diversity in workers, and keeping our company ethically sound. If there is still an issue, (The workers do not oblige to this plan, or it is still not efficient enough to cut the costs required), we would be able to compare rates and let go of employees by their performance only.

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As I have found in readings, “If you are truthful and give full disclosure in your dealings, it's difficult to be unethical. ” (Rabins, Holtzapple, & Lowery, 1997). If we tell the employees that we need to cut costs in order to keep the company profitable we should get a positive response from them. Keeping things ethical and we should see our employees come together for the greater good of all involved. I hope this helps in our efforts to cut costs in our payroll. Feel free to let me know if there are any corrections you would like me to make on this plan.