In my essay I am going to be looking at logos, slogans, target audience, selling techniques of two adverts. I am going to compare and contrast them; I am going to be looking the two food adverts: Advert one which is an Anchor Spreadable and advert two which is Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings. The Anchor Spreadable is targeted at and would appeal to female parents who are 30-40 years old and have children, who are possibly a housewife or an average paid woman they probably would like to have healthy and fit children and are looking for healthy choices; these are females who do have the time to read magazines.

This advert may appeal to children because of the denotation of the animated cows may humour them and make them want it. This advert can also be targeted at elderly people who would like to have a healthy diet to stay fit; they may be 60 to 70 years old. The Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding is target and would appeal to female because of the tile Aunt Bessie's the aunt refers to a female they probably middle aged and have time to read newspapers and magazines where the advert is found.

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The female that advert 2 is aimed at is probably aged 40 to 60 who have family gatherings for Sunday lunch, who want the warm, welcoming and friendly home-cooked food and they are probably British as the denotation of a peas, roast pork and traditional food refers to the connotation of the traditional Sunday lunch with Yorkshire pudding. The advert could also be aimed at those who don't have lots of time to cook food from scratch and need an easy option of making for quickly and easily. Selling techniques are ways in which agency use to make a product more appealing.

Such as representation of quality and promotions of the buyer making the buyer feel special. In the anchor Spreadable advert the selling techniques used are the claims that the product is better and superior than the other product as it compares anchors own ingredients compared to another competitor seller of the same product in the list using scientific advances the in list like listing e-numbers which is affective because not only is it easy and quick to read it its makes the competitor seller with a longer list sound's much worst than they are really are making Advert 1s product sound much superior.

This also affective it making the person looking at the advert feels they trust the advert 1s product more than there competitor. It also uses a little bit of humour with the denotation of two cows carrying lists, one carrying the competitor products ingredients, which is a long list, this cow has a sad expression and the other carrying advert 1s list of ingredients, which is short , this cow has a happy expression.

The connotation of this is that the competitor's cow is sad and represents that the product isn't very good and that the cows is very confident with its product it could suggest that its upset because its dairy freshness isn't used much in the product and that you wouldn't like it. The connotation of the advert 1's product is that it is healthy and good for you, the cows expressions show that quality and freshness and quality of the product. I think the techniques used are to promote the brand image of the advert against the opposing competitors making there own band look better.

They are claiming superiority. In the Aunt Bessie's advert, the selling techniques used are the claims of tradition with the denotation of the image of traditional food with the connotation which the associations with Sunday lunch, a British tradition which is done at home, hence the slogan 'You know your Home'. Also it uses big image of the foods, which you are drawn to when you see the advert this makes the food look very appealing, it looks seductively edible to the target audience looking at it.

These techniques have been used as it will give the buyer the desire to get the product from looking at the picture and to show that the product has a traditional value. A Slogan is catchy phrases which are used to sell he product and to make a brand identifiable from it. They are used in magazines, televisions and bill boards. Advertisers used them to make there product memorable, its makes the target audience think about the product. Advert 1 does not have a slogan. The Aunt Bessie's slogan 'You know your home'.

This slogan refers to when you come home to eat your traditional meal of a Sunday roast at your home. This slogan basically says that when the consumer has the Yorkshire puddings you are eating your homely food. This relates back to target audience as it's a British food which is normally eaten together with the family at there homes together as a tradition. This slogan is quite affective as it can have different meanings to different people and is quite memorable. A logo is a symbol which is used to represent.

Advertiser's use them so that when someone sees the symbol the will recognise it as the brand. The logo for advert 1 is a tub, where there is green grass with colourful flowers with an anchor hooked in to the ground covering green grass and there is a yellow sky. The Aunt Bessie's logo is a woman pictured from her waist upward; she is wearing a blue dress and is wearing an apron and carrying a bowl mixing a mixture with a spoon. The anchor logo does relate to the product as the name is anchor.

The logo helps the products image of nice, calm place meadow with green grass and a sunny day suggesting happiness, freshness and healthiness. The Aunt Bessie's logo shows the homemade values of the product with the woman making traditionally in a bowl mixing the batter. This links back to the selling techniques of tradition with the connotation a Sunday roast with Yorkshire puddings from the denotation of the food pictured. The logo is effective as it refers the home values of the product and what it can mean to the consumer.

In both adverts there are picture. The denotation of advert 1 is that there are 2 animated cows the first one hold a long list with a sad expression, the second one below holding a short list with a happy expression. The connotation of these cows would be dairy, milk and freshness however because of the expression and what they are holding; when we would look at the sad cow we would think of negativity and think that cow may be bad with it carrying such a long list, however some may feel sorry for the cow as it look quite cute.

People may see that cow and think that I wouldn't like to be like that cow. The cow below with a happy expression would represent goodness, happiness and superiority. When we see this cow we think positively because of its expression and compared to the other cows list this, this cow has a shorter one which with the happy expression this suggest, this is the better choice than the sad cow and is what you would want to be like. These pictures have been used the give the adverts brand, a better identity to make it look better than the other brands (competitors).

The background of the page is white which makes the pictures on the page standout more this will help when the reader sees the page catch its attention. The reason we are given the two pictures is that the advert is to compare there product to there competitor with not only words but with images. The pictures are put in the corners so that once you read the writing you straight away see the image and then see another image and then back to the writing. The two pictures take up the two corners of the pages; each one takes up about a quarter of the page.

Not much detail is in the text so that we can quickly read the lists on the cows, this means that the point given from the advert can be taken in quickly and easily this will be good as the target audience can read the article even if there in a rush. The Aunt Bessie's shows the denotation of a large image of a roast with pork, peas and Yorkshire pudding. The connotation of image is that it could be traditional Sunday roast, something really tasty and homemade that elderly people keep tradition.

However to some I could mean a quick oven meal to make when on the go something that is tasty and looks good that is quick and easy this will attract the target audience as the food displayed looks very attractive and edible. The picture doesn't really endorse the brand but the products of the brand like traditional British food. There is the image of the roasted which takes up most of the page this very effective as it's the first thing you'd see if you looked at page.

In the advert we are given a close up of the roasted food shown this definitely emphasises the idea of tradition as when you see the page you are looking at it, also the picture is closed up so that you would desire the food shown. The layout of the anchor is that in the top left corner is some quite large writing with next to it in the right corner the picture of a cow with the list. Just above the left hand corner there is a picture of another cow with a list and next to it just above the bottom of the page on the right corner is some more large writing; at the bottom is some writing in a smaller font with next to it the logo.

When you first see the advert you would see the top left hand corner because you generally read from left to right and that the writing is in bold and when seen first time is the point of interest. This tells that the target audience will want to get straight to the point when they look at the advert and that the techniques were used so that it can be quick to the point. The font's sizes the page varies, the writing at the bottom is smaller than what's above because that point wants to be emphasised the most.

The Aunt Bessie's layout is that there is some information on the top and there is a close up picture taking up the rest of the page. When you first see the advert you are straight away drawn to the enlarged image on the page. This close is very good as when you would look at the image you would desire the product in the image as it brings you in to its tastiness; this picture tells us that the product is something that should be served up with roasts (British tradition).

There is some writing at the top which is quite which means that it's something that should be read. There is also a small font writing which is the slogan. I think that the anchor advert could be improved if there was a slogan as it would make the brand much identifiable and more memorable this would be a good technique to the advert as it would make even more better and effective. Also the advert could be improved if the logo was larger as then when a consumer looks at the page the brand it would be immediately identified making the product more known.

I think the Aunt Bessie's Advert could be improve if the logo and the slogan was made larger as when looking at the advert most of the attention is at the picture and large writing the logo and slogan are small and can easily be missed when looking at the advert. Also I think that more selling techniques need to be used like they could say that there product is the best as most of there advert is around tradition; this would improve the advert and make it a lot more affective and informative.

Overall I think that the anchor advert is the most effective as it is much more persuasive than advert 2 its techniques combination work very well together giving it an edge, as some people are more persuaded by certain techniques. There layout is simple and easy to read there is nothing too complex on the advert and looking at the advert isn't boring as the pictures look quite funny; complimenting the product very well as not all the information is not just written down.