Company Name: Aarong. Overview: Aarong is a chain of retail outlets located in the major cities of Bangladesh. It is an enterprise of BRAC, the largest nongovernmental development organization in the world. In the Bangla language, "Aarong" means a village fair. At present Aarong has 11 domestic outlets (6 in Dhaka, 2 in Chittagong, 1 in Sylhet,1 in Moulvibazar and 1 in Khulna), 1 franchise in London as well as considerable export operation in many European, North American and Asian countries.

Aarong started its venture in 1978 and currently supports over 65,000 Bangladeshi artisans of whom 85 percent are women. Through a network of 647 production sub-centers and 13 production centers, Aarong has developed a platform for the underprivileged artisans across more than 2000 villages of Bangladesh, where they can utilize their indigenous skills to earn a living. Aarong works in collaboration with the Ayesha Abed Foundation, which provides the artisans the platform to exercise their expertise.

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Additionally, thousands of independent artisans, small entrepreneurs also earn their livelihood by marketing their craft products through Aarong. Aarong's mission is to help sustain rural craftsmanship and find a wider market for their products nationally and internationally. Founded:1978 Business: Textile. Employees:65,000 Artisans. Annual Revenue: Per store BDT 2019535 Corporate Social Responsibilities: Empowering destitute rural women by providing opportunities for employment and income generation .

Ensuring commercial success of the enterprise of women producers. Reviving traditional skills of rural artisans. Holding steadfast to its original mission, Aarong today supports the lives and livelihoods of nearly sixty five thousand rural artisans and handicraft producers, 85% of whom are women. More than forty thousand of these women work directly for Aarong in its 13 production centers in Baniachong, Gorpara, Jamalpur, Jessore, Kushtia, Manikganj, Rajbari, Sherpur, and Pabna, Pollobi, Kurigram, Nilphamary, Jhenaidah and 653 subcentres spread across Bangladesh.

Twenty five thousand independent cooperative groups and traditional family-based artisans also market their crafts through Aarong. Potters, Brass Workers, Jewellers, Jute workers, Basket Weavers, Handloom Weavers, Silk Weavers, Wood Carvers, Leather workers and various artisans with specialized skills from all over the country come to Aarong for marketing and support services.