McKay, A., & Barret, M. (2010, July). Trends in teen pregnancy rates from 1996-2006: A comparison. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 19(). This journal provides insight and comparison of teen pregnancy in different countries that occur in a 10 year span. The comparison data was collected and put in details on this growing trend. The countries used in this journal were Canada, Sweden, USA, and England/Wales. The journal also provides the contributing factors to the trend of teen pregnancy.

Waddell, E., Orr, M., & Sackoff, J. (2010, May). Pregnancy risk among black, white, and Hispanic teen girls in New York City public schools.. Journal Of Urban Health: Bulletin Of The New York Academy Of Medicine , 87(). This journal article provides detail data and methodology process on pregnancy risk among black, white and Hispanics teen girls that attend public school in New York City. It provides data collection, studied population, measurements, analysis and results in the findings. This article is a great source in depth of this growing trend in New York City.

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Macleod, ., & Catriona, Ida. (2010, April). A decade later: follow-up review of South African research on the consequences of and contributory factors in teen-aged pregnancy. . South African Journal of Psychology, 40(1).

This article provides research performed in the last 10 years on the contributing factor to teen pregnancy in South Africa. This journal provides factors and research findings that are helpful to me for future reference and assignments later on in this course.