In the first opening minutes of "Twin Town" the director has chosen the shots carefully, as he needs to make a careful representation of the setting of Wales. The first scene begins with a credit sequence, and a landscape shot of a block of terraced housing. Although terraced housing is quite common, the audience start to get a geographical knowledge of where the film is set via the stereotypical factors that have been inserted into the film.

Firstly, the sound is of a woman singing - Welsh people are famous for singing. Secondly, there is a shot of a group of children playing rugby, another "Welsh" sport as it is very popular in Wales. The director has decided to use these shots as he wants to create a setting that the audience can relate to, and as the film is set in Wales, Kevin Allen has used these stereotypical aspects to present the setting of Wales. The way the scenes are portrayed are very clever and interesting.

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The audience act as the camera, which seems to pass by each set of people who are just carrying out their everyday lives/duties. After the credit sequence, the film starts to twist and turn into a totally different type of genre. It begins with the music fading into silence, and the film now beginning with a middle shot of the twins in a car, which appears to be driven wildly due to the increased car engine noise, and the jerking feeling we get of the car going over the hills at a high speed, which is portrayed via the shot used.

It is important that the director chooses the right camera angle for a shot, as he needs to create an atmosphere which involves the audience and effects them. This scene contrasts with the opening scenes of people enjoying themselves and having fun, as it appears that the twins may be joyriding, and as one of the twins is rolling up a cigarette, they may be taking drugs. The certificate of the film is 18 due to the strong scenes of violence and the theme of the film.

This suggests that the target audience are for adults, and Welsh adults will probably be the most attracted to the film as it is based in their country, so they will recognise both the location, and the accents of the actors. As the film is independently made, it is different to the typical Hollywood style of films, which is why some audiences may be disappointed with the film as they are use to seeing big budget films.

"Twin Town" is an independent film by a company in London called "Polygram Films Ltd. . It was not created in Hollywood, which is why it has a different style and context to it. There was no big budget involved in making the film, as there is in many Hollywood films, which is why there are no lavish sets used, or expensive special effects. Also, as the film is independently made, the director can present his story in any way he feels, without conforming to the stereotypical method of Hollywood where big stars are used to create publicity and attract an audience (borrowed credibility).