My first impression of the trailer for the film Mission Impossible-2, is that its action packed, futuristic, tense and adventurous. It uses various camera techniques to sustain the interest of a wide audience. The first image of the trailer is the 3-D Paramount logo. The camera tracks around the logo which shows us that the film is going to be unique and hi-tech compared to other films. The 3-D Paramount logo is a snow topped mountain which is blue/grey in colour. The mountain looks very dominating which could give the impression that there is a dominating character in the film.

The next image is the desert which is a rugged, ochre yellow mountain. This image gives us the impression that the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. The camera then tracks along the cliff focusing on Tom Cruise. This is the next image, which is Tom Cruise climbing up the cliff. The camera takes various medium and long shots that dissolve into each other. Long shots create isolation and in this shot Tom Cruise looks alone and isolated because of the camera angle. The impression this image gives us is that it's dangerous because he doesn't have a harness and so we may think that this is his mission.

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This image may appeal to rock climbers watching the film because they may think that climbing without a harness is dangerous so it creates tension. It also gives a dramatic feel to the movie because its shows Tom's determination to complete the climb. Following this shot, is a shot of Tom Cruise slipping and falling down the cliff. This is very tense because the viewers had the impression that he's a professional because it may be his mission and they get a surprise when he falls. This could tell us that he may not be perfect when doing the mission and he may do things wrong.

When Tom manages to save himself, the camera takes a close up shot of his face and the viewers are now able to confirm that the star of the film is Tom Cruise. This shot appeals to Tom Cruise fans especially the female fans. Shortly after this, the next image is of the sunglasses. The sunglasses look very flashy and hi-tech and when Tom puts them on, they super-impose a digital identity screen. This is all computerized and it talks with a voice over by Anthony Hopkins. Anthony then says "I'm sorry to burst in on your vacation Mr. Hunt. " We now know that this is just a hobby to Tom Cruise and that his character name is Ethan Hunt.

This suggests that the film is going to be significant to the rest of the film. Anthony Hopkins also sounds authoritative so this could show us that the mission may be important. Tom then throws the sunglasses away and they explode giving off a red fiery background which is superimposed throughout the rest of the trailer. Simultaneously a series of quick cutting from one image to the next follows. This is the action scene. This scene gives the viewers the impression that the film is going to be adrenaline fuelled, dynamic, adventurous and thrilling. The camera technique used is quick cuts and shots.

They are very effective because the quick shots are of action which would want to make the viewers see the film if they are an action fan or if they are into fast moving films. Some of the shots in this scene are Tom free falling through a hole which gives the impression again of exhilaration and danger. There is then a 3-D fiery Tom Cruise in big bold text with a fiery background. The fiery background gives the impression of danger which could connote that the mission is dangerous. This shot is then cut quickly onto more action like Tom Cruise back flipping and diving with guns.

All these images are action packed. There is also a little romantic shot with a woman-Thandie Newton. This could also show us that the film has a romantic side which could attract female viewers. In the shot with the car speed chase, the image shown is of a nice car which is a typical thing to see in an action movie. All this is very effective because it shows the viewers that the film is going to be tense, romantic, dramatic, futuristic and exciting in just 1 and 1/2 minutes. The final impression that I'm given of the film is a positive impression.

The image where Tom falls and the song "Take A Look Around" by Limp Bizkit starts really makes me want to see the film because I like the song and that is the time when all the action starts. This trailer is advertised very well because of the stunts which show danger to the film and it shows the stars of the film which could interest people to see the film if their favourite star features in it. After seeing the trailer with all the stunts, action, explosions, romance, suspense and thrill images, it makes me want to see the film!