I agree Americans are too concerned with material goods. Some Americans are too concerned with the latest things for example: electronics, clothes, and cars. Americans buy things to get noticed. Americans think material goods make them who they are today. A lot of Americans believe they will fit in better if you have the latest electronics, what kind of clothes they wear, or the fancy car they drive. People should like you for your personality and who you are but Americans think differently. Americans think having the most updated and biggest things will make them more noticeable.

Americans are fascinated over electronics because they want to get the latest thing’s out. For example: Americans want the latest phone’s, especially the younger crowd. If a new phone comes out, regardless of the price they must have it. The young Americans can’t even afford it, or have a Job but still find ways to purchase the latest technologies. When the touch screen iphone 3G came out everybody wanted it. There were people standing outside four hours and even days just to get it. Americans are also concerned about the type of clothes they wear.

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In this day and age, some Americans feel you must be wearing the latest and newest clothes just to fit in. In some cases, they have some American celebrities and there babies who only where an outfit once. If that is not being to concerned with material goods, I don’t know what is. Also Americans feel the car you drive is personnel reflection on there achievements within life. But not everyone can afford what they drive, some Americans can barely meet the minimum monthly payments. Americans sometimes switch out car’s on annual basis. They buy an expensive or newer car to show off to friends and family.

In conclusion it has been proven that the average American’s are too concerned with material goods. Americans should be satisfied and content with the basic’s of what they have, even if it is outdated or old. Having the most recent phone, clothes or car in the over all worldview does not make the true person that you really are. There are foreign families throughout the world who are content and happy with just the basic’s, running water, clothing, shelter and food for there family. Americans should have the same mind frame and I believe they will be much more happier.