The social contract theory which was mainly espoused by John Locke proposes the belief that people are free and equal by God-given right, and that this in turn requires that all people give their consent to be governed. This theory was influential in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

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The aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina, and the way it was viewed by society, best illustrate which disparity among which group of the American populace?

Presently, Conservatives favor local and state action over federal action, and emphasize fiscal responsibility, most notably in the form of balanced budgets. Conservatives are thought to believe that a government is best that governs least, and that big government can only infringe on individual, personal, and economic rights. They want less government, especially in terms of regulation of the economy.

Despite media portrayals which tend to over-emphasize political, the majority of Americans live in states which would be what color?

Continued voter apathy would result in social and economic ills like economic and lifestyle stagnation, and high dissatisfaction with government.