August Wilson’s Fences play describes Troy Maxson as the main character. Moreover, through Troy, it shows how life in a nation full of racism is hard. The Blacks are supposed to do the hard jobs. Leading their families responsibly is thus not an easy task. Blacks thus have to struggle to make their lives better.

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 The theme of racial discrimination is evident in this play because Troy’s Black color makes him miss a chance of playing for major leagues. It is notable that Troy was initially a player in Negro leagues. Moreover, Black garbage collection employees are supposed to be garbage lifters but not truck drivers. Troy however struggles and becomes the first Black driver of the garbage trucks (Wilson and Richards 58).

The issue of family unity and love is also clearly illustrated in this drama. Rose loves her family. She thus tells her husband to construct the fence. Troy loves Corey - his son, and thus advices him on what career to take even though Corey does not respect his father’s counsel. Moreover, Troy loves his brother Gabriel as is evident when Troy bails Gabriel out of the jail. Rose’s love for her husband is also shown when she accepts to take care of Raynell - a baby girl of her step-wife who dies at delivery.

The prevailing form of interaction and social classes is also shown in this drama. For example, Bono is Troy’s friend with whom Troy closely associates. Moreover, Bono talks and drinks in Troy’s house as a weekly ritual.  The 2 also work together. Troy’s other friend is Lyons.

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