There is an adult who is telling the story talking about he or she’s aunt Belle and how she had a alligator. And aunt Belle how she would train the alligator and how she got older and she saw the alligator. The Night the bed fell was about a kid named James and about the bed fell on his bed. James’s fathers decide to sleep in the attic and his mother thought the old wooden bed would be unsafe and the grandfather usually sleeps in the attic.

James’s Aunt old Melissa Bella was afraid that robbers would come and she would throw her shoes at them and the bed fell on Hence and father though he was died and mother though the bed fell on dad and James was trying to keep this mom calm . I though was funny in Alligator was Aunt Belle was training the alligator . In the story The Night The bed fell I though was funny when Aunt Old Melissa Belle was think that the robbers were in her house and she would throw her shoes.

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Alligator “ is humorous because Aunt Belle was making some sounds when she was training the alligator and teaching the alligator while the story “The Night the Bed Fell” is humorous because mother though dad died and dad thought he died and Aunt old Melissa Bella was afraid of robbers and she was throwing shoes , and the army coat fell on Hence is more entraining because mom though dad was died and dad though he was died and Hence though everyone though he was died . ”