SLT as it applies to violence in the media
People learn to be violent through violent acts
Why does Bandura say violence is attractive?
Simple, distinctive, prevalent, useful, positive
How we are drawn to televised violence
-simple, distinctive, prevalent, useful, positive
How we remember violent behavior
-We store events in our memory visually and verbally
-We practice fantasy rehearsal
Why we behave violently
-Expectations for rewards or punishments
-Crime may not pay on tv, but physical force does
Explain how Bandura carried out experiments to demonstrate his theory
Used Bobo Doll Experiments see if children watching the violent acts recreate the acts. They watched videos of people hitting the doll and ether getting scolded for doing so or praised. The children modeled the behavior no matter which video they saw, bu more often when the adult was rewarded for the violent acts
Arousal Theory
Stimulated violence, or suspense or comedy, in programs stimulates aggression
Catharsis Theory
The depiction of physical force reduces anger

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