A project uses the critical path when you are starting to build the projects network diagram. Critical Path is the path of activities that all have a slack or float of 0. This process is very important because if any of the projects critical path gets completed later than schedule than the project might not be completed on time. Can there be more than one critical path in a given project schedule? Why or why not? Yes a project may have more than one critical path in a given project schedule because a project can’t be completed without making sure the longest path of the project will be completed on time.

Any project whether small or large may have many long parts that need to be completed within the time line of the overall project schedule. How would you monitor and control your project schedule? Why? 2nd question As a PM, you will understand that the people you have working on your teams will make or break your project effort. How do we, as PMs, do our best to ensure our team members/resources have all they need to excel on our projects?

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The way that PMs ensure that the team members/resources have all they need to excel on the project is by making sure that the resources being used do not become over allocated. Once the PM can identify if any issues are starting to arise, 3 key strategies need to be address. The first one would be the resources leveling in order to smooth out the peaks and valleys in your schedule without any increases to your budget. The second is to add or modify the resources, which is to make sure that everyone and everything you are using is really necessary to get the project done.

This can mean selecting someone that has more experience to help out in the project or improving the technology being used in the project. The last one is changing the project which is the last thing to do in if the project is not going as well as expected. Explain the difference in the problem a project manager faces if he/she is short on administrative assistant resources versus a project manager who is short on the key resource with a ton of inside knowledge and years of work experience on a particular subject matter in a project.