Advertisements can take different forms such as television, radio, display lights, newspapers, adverts or magazine adverts, leaflets, posters/billboards, sides of bags/vehicles, direct mail, internet and cinema. Advertising can either be informative or persuasive. It is true that businesses do spend a lot of money to advertise their products In order to boost their sales and thus their profit; in other words for their own purpose. They want to increase the awareness of the firm's products and encourage the public to make a purchase. However, advertisements can be not that much misleading.

It is difficult to think of products that are not advertised. It is essential for a product to be advertised especially when it is a new brand. Informative advertising is not misleading as the emphasis of this type of advertising Is to give full details and Information about a newly introduced product or product that has been extended by adding additional features, by adding new uses or is an improved version. Without advertisements, consumers would not know about the product, the price it sells for or the place where the product is sold.

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At times in the year when sales are traditionally lower because of off-season purchases, advertisements can inform the public about this opportunity for them to enjoy the big sales. By doing advertisements, the business encourages consumers to try its newly launched products, and it can also encourage new consumers to try its existing products. It also tends to make the existing consumers realize that they need that particular product and thus encourages them to buy that product more often and sometimes in greater quantity.

When this situation arises, people tend to buy these goods in bulk, thus saving money and get iscounts as they purchase the product in a lower price than the normal one. Advertising also informs the population about an existing unbranded product, and make them buy it instead of the branded one which will cost more to the latters. Thus it can be concluded that. except the other type of advertising; persuasive advertising, which tries to persuade the consumer that they really need the product and should buy it, advertising are sometimes misleading, but not always. It is up to the consumers to use their Intelligence In order not to get fooled!