International business course entails study of business transactions of companies and business operations in the global context it involves a lot of  wide knowledge coverage of information panning in diverse background of nationalities and takes account of diverse tastes and preferences in transactions.

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As a  student of  international business i  have come to appreciate the importance of understanding business concepts to be able to achieve desired results in  career level (California University 2006).

As for this i would like to assess  my  that strengths and weakness that would make me successful or not in acquiring this knowledge. Academic skills include areas such as academic applications , academic fluency and academic abilities. This are necessary in understanding the extend to which i can

internalize and absorb information in class as well as practical requirements in the assignments of task completion (UCLAN 2008).

Academic skills worth of importance constitute of a skills in math problem solving, reading and writing skills. From the above types am quite excellent in reading skills where aspects such as high  ability to comprehend passages where i can be able to read more information within a given time and analyze the information.

Also am proficient in acquiring reading vocabulary which makes able to understand wide range of  the concepts in global business, business legal jargon and data for  analysis.

My writing skills are  quite good given the fact that this course entails extensive writing ability. I can  be able to cope with the pressure of writing  loads of information  in the course.

This is fundamental in the  context that i have been able to take class notes and other  practical sessions at  considerable speed and time without much hitches. The fluency of my writing is well evident from my past class work which i have scored high grades so far. I know I can improve on this given with time  as more work is needed.

I have also good scores in oral expression which include  story recall, and picture vocabulary. This is quite important in describing complex analysis of business processes and make inference about future outcomes of companies strategic decisions.

In this case the reading and comprehension skills have given me significant boost in succeeding as international business student. It is evident  in the cognitive abilities such as auditory  processing, fluid reasoning and  short term memory.

I have have good progress and excellent ability to  effectively understand message passed cross orally through class presentation and seminars ans discussion.

Thus i have  good listening skills. Which i believe is a significant strength to  comprehend class work. I am confident that oral language is another major  strength i hold because i can be able to recall short  story within a very short  time, i have ability to understand directions and  express them as well, i can considerable ability to pick picture vocabulary  and absorb academic knowledge without much hurdle (Schrank & Flanagan 2003).

My oral language skills since  elementary level have demonstrated that i have all that takes to do intentional businesses course in all levels. I have been exposed in many oral language activities such as singing, drama, theater work and symposium and found that i can do even better.

According to clinical studies  oral language is important for any parson because it gives due advantage in ability to  comprehend wide volume of knowledge. This i have found to be true in my abilities of which i have worked over time to reduce discrepancies in broad reading, written language, writing skills and written expressions.

Oral language has significant correlation with broad reading skills, basic reading skills, basic mathematics skills, calculation, written skills and written expressions. I have managed to develop excellent achievement in all these levels which have built  a strong base for my academic performance over time (Schrank & Flanagan 2003).

It is also known that oral language has positive success in developing good skills in problem solving, self monitoring and comprehension. Most  of this have been reduced over time. I have worked on my receptive oral language abilities and perfected the expressive oral language abilities.

Am still working on it to improve my effectiveness in achieving the best results. So far my ability to retrieve ideas and vocabulary has grown and expression of thoughts has been improved through continuous self examination and constructive discussion i have had with my colleagues and tutors (Schrank & Flanagan 2003).

In deed i had an average level performance in expressive language at earlier time but with the exposure and personal improvement i have achieved greater levels of performance which am still working on it.

Some of the ways i would like to put more effort to build a better foundation for my academic skills with respect to oral language performance is to ad more effort in  word retrieval, improve lexical knowledge, participate in activities that give more exposure and experience, practice short term and long term memory abilities and enroll on advanced language skill learning (Moira et al 2007).

On improving my overall performance from the current level i would like to work on language proficiency, procedural knowledge and eliminate ineffective  instructional levels and eliminate failure attempts to  apply effective  strategies  in performance.

This i hope would be contribute to may success. I will also consider the services of academic counselors to assess my strengths and weakness and help me devise good mechanisms to improve better (UNSW 2008).