With reference to the above matter, I do hereby submit my letter of request for reinstatement. Before my dismissal form the college, I was in the senior engineering class, with 15 credits left to graduate. My lifetime ambition has been to have PhD in Engineering.

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This dream is only achievable if am readmitted to the university. After careful thought and consideration I do believe that with the grades I had attained previously I can better my last semester’s grade. This is after the realization that the reason(s) for my failure in the exams was an external life effect and nothing to do with my capacity to excel academically.

Having gone through a rigorous stressing period in the courts following my divorce case, I was not able to concentrate in my class work. This is born out of depression.

My mental and financial states were not in their bests. The divorce came at a time when I was equally having a hard time having failed two units and was retaking them. I was in denial of the fact that I was no longer living together with my partner. It took me a lot of time to come to the realization that I was suffering from depression.

Although I have come to accept this as part of my life, it was not until after I had sat for my exams.  I believe the two factors combined had a very negative effect on my concentration and was indeed traumatizing as it was the first time in my life that both of these things were happening. I would not want to put the blame on anyone but myself.

The class that I intend to repeat if my application is successful would be that of reaction engineering upon reinstatement I reaffirm that I would double my efforts at studies, attend all lectures, use the materials in the library and submit my assignments in time.

Since my divorce proceedings started before, I was dismissed my lecture attendance reduced and did not submit some of my assignments which if I did am sure my grades would have been better.

Knowing very well that the above charges along cannot help me succeed in achieving my goals. I would have to move to reside within the college’s accommodation facilities. This is so as to be closer to the university tutors who would help me to improve my grades.

Apart from the normal lecture hours that I will utilize fully, I intend to acquire the services of the tutors by having seven extra hours a week for tutorials. I do believe that with these steps my academic performance will improve bearing in mind that my state of my stable and able to handle all the challenges that come with the responsibility of being a student.

I have taken the right steps to cope with the divorce and depression and found that divorce and death are both accompanied by grief, despair, depression, a sense of failure and uncertainty. But having enlisted services of professional I came to the realization that my life is independent of those and that I am responsible for the life I choose to lead.

The sessions that I have attended have helped to motivate me and regain my self-esteem. My psychological bereft is certainly over and my drinking problem that I developed after the dismissal from college is a thing of the past.

While on counseling, I was able to get an internship job with one of the multinational companies as a management trainee. From this I was able to save some money that would help me recover and pay my college fees. If considered I reassure that I will not enroll for any other classes outside in order to prepare for my FE examinations, this would enable me to concentrate and have my full attention on what is required of me.

I am prepared to take my exams by October 27th upon readmission. The first exam in the licensure process is the fundamentals of engineering (FE). Owing to my commitment to being successful while furthering my career. I have to take this course as it’s a prerequisite for anyone joining the company that I am currently doing my internship.

Bearing in mind the external life events can lead to serious illness and that some people are more susceptible to this tan others, given the same external circumstances. I commit myself to do what is required of me as a student. Once again my commitment to this will be demonstrated if am offered another chance to prove this.

I would appreciate it f I was granted this opportunity. This in line with the fact that I have started rebuilding my life and can only better if I accomplished one of my academic goals.

I am looking forward in anticipation for your consideration for a readmission. I do believe that this would be valuable consideration. Attached to this letter are: medical documentation, from my health counselor/therapist, legal documentation, court notice and letters of support form the current employers.

Thanks in anticipation.