Cheating, using incorrect information, or using others people document are defined as “Acts of Dishonesty”. According to standards of conduct for student- WAC 504-26-209, violation of plagiarism is a serious situation in academic integrity that against with university policy, rule, and regulation. It is also defined as academic dishonesty. In the standards of conduct for student article 1, states that if a student is violated with the academic integrity will punish by the university disciplinary sanction. (Washington State University and Copyright. 2009-2010)

I am highly responsible for this incident, it is because I am the person who writes the essay and I did not clarify clear the information that I find from a website. Also, I should not just change some words and use the information as my work. If I find the original book online or in the library and type the information in the essay and do the correct in-text citation or paraphrase the information before I use, then I will not violate with the academic integrity. Thus, I will find information from the original book, article, or website and do the citation or paraphrase the information first, before I use it in my essay or any other work. Also, I will follow the rules in the VAIL tutor, for example the VAIL tutormentions in module 2 – tip numbe 2 point 4” Visit your professor to get feedback on the thesis and sources. Visit your library and get help in the research process. (University of Maryland University College and Copyright, 2003-2011)” These can help me to prevent the violation and it will not happen again.

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My personal thinking of integrity is someone who is trusty and honesty and everything they do is ethical which is conforming to WSU’s definition. In WSU website under the student conduct mission the core value of integrity states that “We are committed to principles of truth and academic honesty. We strive by example and process to encourage an environment of honesty and sincerity in all areas of student life.” (Washington State University and copyright) Based on the definition of integrity by WSU, WSU and I both believe in the same concept that integrity should be trusty and honesty. Violating with any parts of academic integrity is not acceptable, since it is not ethical or even illegal.

In standards of conduct for student page 3, states that academic dishonesty is a part of academic integrity. It is also meant as “cheating”. By the definition of cheating, it includes using unauthorized sources when taking quizzes, tests or examinations, using the authorized information as your own work to hand in for papers, repoorts, or other assignments, keeping or selling the academic materials without notice or permission from the university, and plagiarizing other people work as your own can be define as academic dishonesty. (Washington State University and Copyright. 2009-2010).

University is a remarkable and valuable place for the student to learn knowledge for their future. If the student cheats on their assignment, it does not mean they are cheating on the assignment but cheating on themselves. Hence, they did not learn anything from the assignment that assign by the university and giving up the chance. When a student is violating the academic integrity, it is not only against the university rules but also the philosophy of higher education. Student should be responsible and be proud of their academic work and work harder for their future instead of cheating. (Washington State University and Copyright. N.d.)

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the university. University provides scholarship is to encourage the student to work hard and being creative. In addition, university would like to encourage the student to learn knowledge with their own effort. Violating with the academic integrity cannot help the student to success in the future. Integrity is the most valuable thing not only studying in university but also in the future.